Florida Veterinarians Remove Boots from Hungry Crocodile’s Stomach


School of Florida veterinarians took out a shoe swallowed twice by the same hungry crocodile, the school said.

According to the University of Florida Veterinary, a 10.5-foot, 341-pound Neil crocodile fell from a zip liner at St. Augustine Alligator Farms Zoological Park, apparently eating tasty footwear in December. Medication in Gainesville.

Witnesses said Anuket consumed the shoe, reopened it and then swallowed it, the college said.

“If the shoe suits your fans… swallow it?” The school said in a Facebook post. “not a good idea!”

Garrett Veterinarian, a zookeeper at the University of Florida College of Garrett Veterinarian, a gator who arrives in a gator’s esophagus on February 5, 2021, to try to remove the show lodged in her abdomen.University of Floria College of Veterinary Medicine

After bringing Annicut to the University of Florida on February 5, the animals tried various less invasive methods to get the shoes out, with no luck.

According to a statement, he was eventually “forced to perform a gastrointestinal tract that allowed easy access to the crocodile’s stomach.”

After a previous unsuccessful attempt, a garter, Anuket, was finally fired, a shoe that was lodged in the stomach, on February 5, 2021, at Florida University of Veterinary Medicine.University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

“Within a short time, he was able to take off the shoe,” the school said. “After an overnight stay, Anuket returned home, and has been admitted to the park ever since.”

Ali Gostanian has contributed.


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