Shekhar Suman slams a news channel for Aditya Suman’s death for committing suicide; ‘Random apology is not acceptable by a journalist’


Shekhar Suman was in shock two days ago, when a social media post of a leading news channel claimed that his son Adhyan Suman had died by suicide. At a time when many in the industry are choosing a path to end their lives for various reasons, it is capable of causing havoc in the life of any parent. A missed Suman took to Twitter to talk about Mandana. It seems that a journalist apologized for the mistake, but he is not late to it. He has vowed to take legal action against her. Shekhar Suman urged everyone to throw light on this Diwali in memory of Sushant Singh Rajput (read tweets)

Suman writes, “yesterday @Zee News Improperly acted irresponsibly and sent out a piece of news that devastated me, my wife and my family members. My wife was inconsistent as she announced that the study Suman had committed suicide. The study was in Delhi. “We can only imagine how useless they must have become after reading about it.

Suman targeted the channel for one such mistake.

Following a legal path

Ban channel

Sorry not accepted

Should be punished

Shekhar Suman has often been vocal about the methods of the industry, especially after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput.

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