Dolly Parton asks Tennessee lawmakers not to install her statue on Capitol Ground


Country music legend and Tennessee native Dolly Parton asked state legislators to put out a bill to erect a statue in her honor in the grounds of the Capitol.

Parton, 75, said she was “honored and humbled” by the gesture but did not think it was the right time.

He said, “Given everything going on in the world, I don’t think I have to make it right now.” Statement On twitter

In January, State Rep. John Mark Windley, a Democrat, introduced a bill to build a statue in Nashville, in which Parton “recognized her for contributing to this state.”

The statue was to be financed by gifts, grants and donations.

Windley told The Chatenogo Times Free Press that his bill was heavily supported. He supported not only Parton’s music but his philanthropy.

“She shocked me with the amount of feedback she received,” the outlet said in an interview earlier this month, stating that the Tennesians “love Dolly Parton, and not just because she’s a great musician.” A caring, kind and just person. Civilized person. She takes care of her community, she takes care of her kingdom. And she does it selflessly. “

In 2016, the Singer Dollywood Foundation donated $ 1,000 per month to families affected by the Tennessee Wildfire. The payment was made for a total of six months. Earlier this year, it donated $ 1 million for the coronavirus virus vaccine.

Parton said in her Twitter statement that she is open to keep her standing idol in the future.

“I hope, though, that I have gone down the road from now on, or perhaps after many years if you still think I deserve it, I am sure that I am one of our greats as a great Tennessee The state will stand proudly in the Capitol, ”she wrote. “In the meantime, I will keep trying to do a good job to make this great state proud.”

Her tweet was shared thousands of times, with many on social media praising the singer for being selfless.


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