Cyberpunk 2077 game developer says it is affected by cyber attack


CD Prozac, the developer of the sci-fi game Cyberpunk 2077, said it has been hit with a “targeted cyber attack” on Tuesday.

The Polish studio said that the hackers succeeded in using its internal network, collected some data and released the ransom note, threatening to release the source code of its games.

“We will not give in demand nor negotiate with the actor. Knowing that it may eventually release compromised data,” CD Projek said on Twitter Tuesday.

“We are taking necessary steps to mitigate the consequences of such a release, particularly by contacting any parties who may be affected by the breach.”

In his tweet, the CD project also included a ransom note from the attackers. The note reads: “If we do not come to an agreement, your source codes will be sold online or leaked and your documents sent to our contacts in gaming journalism.”

CD Prozac said it did not believe that the compromised system contained any personal data. The company said that it has contacted Jan Nowak, president of the Office of Law Enforcement and Poland’s Personal Data Protection, and IT forensic investigators.

It was a tough few months for CD Prozac. The company was hit with an influx of gamers’ complaints over the release of its much-awaited cyberpunk game due to several bugs and poor performance on older consoles.

The company is in the running to issue fixes to improve the game’s performance. Sony pulled the title from its Digital PlayStation Store on the situation, and it is unclear when it will return. Analysts at the time said that it was very rare for consoles to downplay AAA games over quality issues.

CD Projecut shares sank 4.5 percent on Tuesday amid reports of a cyber attack. They are down more than 30 percent since Cyberpunk’s release in December.

CD Prozac is also known as the studio behind the critically acclaimed role-playing title The Witcher 3.


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