Super Bowl 2021: Amanda Gorman Honors COVID-19 Heroes with a Powerful Poem (Watch video)


American poet-activist Amanda Gorman, who recited her poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ at the inauguration ceremony of US President Joe Biden, when she opened her eyes to watch Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida. Honored the COVID-19 heroes in a moving presentation at. According to e! News, this year, the NFL (National Football League) chose three Super Bowl captains who have made an impact on their communities and during their very difficult years by helping their community. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Trailer of Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stein’s show to debut on Disney during Super Bowl 2021 + from March 19 (see video)

The National Young Poet Laureate recited a poem honoring him, entitled The Chorus of the Captains, in a 1950s microphone while still playing victorious music. With his performance, Gorman became the first poet to perform at the Super Bowl. On Sunday, she appeared in a glam blue coat by Moshino during a pre-taped part in the Super Bowl to recite her poem. During the moving performance, Gorman shone the spotlight on the three everyday heroes as their footage in their respective elements. The Weeknd’s conversation about his Super Bowl helitime show says, ‘there are no special guests’

Gorman honored James Martin, who works with an Injured Warrior project and live-streamed football games for his community, a teacher in Los Angeles, Trimaine Davis, who helped distance education and children with Suzie Dorner Has provided a Tech Workshop to children to help, ICU Nurse Manager at Tampa Bay General Hospital. Eman said, “Today we honor our three captains for their actions and influence in times of uncertainty and need. They have transcended all communities, expectations, and boundaries, giving their communities and neighbors the leaders, practitioners and teachers Is carried forward in form. ” His poem.

Amanda Gorman’s poem for COVID-19 Heroes

“We walk with these warriors, charge with these champions and carry forward the call of our captains. We celebrate them by acting with courage and compassion, doing what is right and just, today We respect them, this is that. Those who honor us everyday, “Gorman said of the heroes. The 22-year-old poet performed at Biden’s swearing-in ceremony last month, making him the youngest poet ever. He read a poem titled We the Hill We Climb, which touched on themes of hope and unity. Less than 24 hours later, Gorman gained millions of followers on social media and signed the IMG model shortly thereafter.

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