‘SNL’ redefines Super Bowl commercials at age of Kovid-19


“Saturday Night Live” reunited the high-dollar Super Bowl commercials at the age of Kovid-19 and QAnon.

The show opened with a spoof of the “Super Bowl LV Pregame Show”, with expert NFL commentators watching multimillion-dollar commercials of the game.

“To reflect the importance of this moment in history, you’ll see impulsive commercials,” said former quarterback Phil Sims, played by Mickey Day. “It almost brought me to tears.”

Images of marches and protests appeared and a voice stated, “We have learned once again that freedom is not free. But we must always live for equality. And we should always reach for it … Chez-It . “

The voice concluded, “Cheese-It – Historically Delicious.”

Another advertisement described the qualities of Papa John’s pizza, including “real ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, and no child trafficking in the cellar.”

“Stop today with your Q-pawn,” concludes Spot’s narrator.

Host James Brown, played by Kennan Thompson, praised Budweiser for adopting a classic Super Bowl ad in contemporary times.

The occasion featured the winemaker’s trademark Clydesdale horses, with a syringe in the arm of an elderly woman. “Better, get a second dose of cold to refresh Bud Light,” the narrator of the advertisement said.

A later sketch looked at how people behaved at home so that millions of Americans were affected. At a small Super Bowl house party, friends complained about the restrictions.

A character played by host Dan Levy says, “I’m on quarantine burnout.”

A friend played by Beck Bennett said she limited her contacts outside of home and work.

“I do a mouth massage,” he said of his work contacts. “I massage the mouth.”

A friend played by Heidi Gardner said, “I don’t understand how people are still getting sick.”

Dr. starring by Kate McKinnon. Anthony Fauci, who said the scene is a warning for the “wrong way to the Super Bowl”.

The game is to be enjoyed, he said, “at home, in a mask, lights off, no friends.”

The satirical news segment “Weekend Update” praised President Joe Biden for moving ahead with the economic stimulus plan.

Co-host Colin Jost said Biden was “moving forward without Republican support because this economy needs a massage and Joe Biden doesn’t wait for permission.”

Michael Che US Rape. Noted the rise and political existence of Marjorie Taylor Green, who had expressed faith in QAnon in the past and that 9/11 was probably not real.

“Green apologizes for his previous comment, 9/11 happened at all,” Che said. “And to honor that day Green planned to hijack and crash the Republican Party.”

Jost posed as former President Donald Trump, “former social media influencer Donald Trump.”

He said he wants Trump to testify in his Senate impeachment trial.

“I think when I say, we speak for everyone, please,” Jost said. “Give us one last show.”


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