Master: Vijay Sethupathi There is no difference between this Thalapathi Vijay-starrer and his other films, and the reason is interesting! [EXCLUSIVE]


Since the beginning of 2021, Lokesh Kanagaraj Respected teacher Has been finding itself in the news for all the right and wrong reasons. Among the right reasons is, of course, actor Vijay Sethupathi, whose performance as the antagonist Bhavani received praise from all quarters. While Thalapati Vijay’s Respected teacher His general mass was himself, with Sethupathi taking part in his limited screen-time with the best lines and scenes, even getting a backstory for his character, something that even the protagonist didn’t get. Vijay Sethupathi reveals that he is playing a very cruel character in Master.

Makkal Selvan has done gray roles in the past, such as Sundarpandian And Patta For example, but his Bhavani is an out-and-out villain, even if he starts falling prey to circumstances. He becomes a child-killer, uses children from teenage homes for his nefarious purposes and does not think twice to resort to even more murder. So does it come in his role Respected teacher Which actor does it different from ordinary films?

Vijay Sethupathi gave an interesting answer to this. He says, “There is no difference between this film and previous films. All films are the same. All the scenes are the same for me because I have to do it responsibly.” Master Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi take their sweet time to appear in Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tyrasome Entertainer.

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He further states that his first scene for the shoot was a dark sequence. He said, “The scene on the first day is where I’m killing someone. It’s a dark scene for me, which was tough. I have a relationship with Arjun and Vijay sir, because I have no connection with the other characters.” . ” Sethupathi greatly admired her young co-star Arjun Das. He said, “Arjun is a very good actor and has a lot of fans for his performance. I have known him since the early days and am very comfortable with him.”

Respected teacher Now after doing brisk business in theaters during its release, Amazon is streaming on Prime Video. The film will hit the cinema hall by the end of this week, before it is pulled.

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