Here’s how Bhuvi Pednekar used a chic layered basic white dress!


Bhumi Pednekar released his latest film, Inaccessible And wooed us one after the other in a brilliant style. One of them featured a white plaited dress by Appop. But what has been added is that the smoothness needed for the fluid dress was a clever harness. Bhoomi has carved a niche for herself with her remarkable successes, showcasing the best of unconventional roles and a brilliant off screen style to boot. As the poster girl for all the curve girls out there, Bhumi has meticulously developed for drapes, silhouettes, dresses and cuts with fashion stylist Pranitha Shetty.

Spiked chic styles are more than just a fashion trend. Often understood as a thriving culture in itself, contemporary wear is practical and comfortable in how the land adopted this propaganda style. Here’s how Bhumi gave us a simple, easy cheat sheet in nail monochrome style in a flash. Yo ya hell no? Witnesses for inaccessible propaganda and land Pednekar in Kinney.

Bhumi Pednekar – Monochrome Chic

A white layered dress was paired with a harness by Zara by Appop. Wavy hair, subtle makeup and clear strappy sandals completed her look. Not Strike a Cord with Fashion Aficionados in Durgamati Promotion for Bhumi Pednekar’s Colorful Separation.

Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Inaccessible, G. A horror thriller film directed by Ashok is a remake of his own Telugu-Tamil bilingual film Bhagamathi (2018) starring Bhumi Pednekar in supporting roles alongside Arshad Warsi, Jishu Sengupta and Mahil Gill.

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