What is stopping billy ilish from going to wild parties


Los Angeles, January 27: Singer Billy Ellisch says he did not get the opportunity to go to wild parties because of his fame. The 19-year-old singer also admits to being a teetotaler.

‘I am not going to parties here and I too, so I am not going anywhere. But ‘t k oka “!” She said in an interview to Vanity Fair, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

The singer admitted that there was a time when she had a “sense of superiority” over her friends who smoked and took drugs when they were younger.

“When I was growing up and I was around my group of friends at the time, and they were all drinking and smoking and taking drugs and whatever, I think the way my personality was Is ‘- I am very strong he told, and I think I was very alf at that time’ – I am realizing that I must have felt a sense of superi “ritty”.

The singer shared that she has been abandoned by her fans in “awkward situations”.

“(Devotion) makes you mad. We all know the feeling of seeing and feeling yourself, ‘ith me, I am acti” ji is crazy, “she said.”

“When you’re excited about something, you forget boundaries and yo ‘forget what po’ite is and what’s like’ ot polite. I had a lot of awkward situations – people, kiss me and spin me. Gotta lift me around …. It’s definitely important to have boundaries and there are people around you who can help with an in-situ “like Ann”, she said.

He said, “I never want to make anyone wait ‘he is only showing me love. And even if it is coming from a place of crazy love, I never want to push the pimples” , They said.

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