Goya board of directors censored CEO for comments about election fraud


Goya’s board of directors has reportedly voted to vote for CEO Robert Unnew after making unfounded public claims about voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

On Inauguration Day on Wednesday, Unanue appeared in Fox Business and said that President Joe Biden’s victory was “unverified” and spoke of an impending war.

“I think this mission has been accomplished, by association, partnership, grouping of social media, big technology, big media and big government for the dawn of a new world order,” Unnao said on air. “The war is coming, now that the president is leaving today, he is still coming after the United States, the working class.”

The board’s decision, first reported by Friday and the New York Post, means that Ananyu will no longer be able to speak to the media without first obtaining permission from the board.

Unnao confirmed to The Post that he would no longer speak publicly about politics or religion, but did not directly mention the board’s decision.

“Independently, I have decided to reduce the temperature and stay away from speaking about politics and religion,” Unnao told the Post. “I think it’s important because of the diverse views of the company and our market.”

In July, when Unnao praised the then President Donald Trump at a White House event, the country said “the country is truly blessed” leading him. Those comments overtook many Hispanic politicians and led to calls on social media to boycott the Latino food company.

Trump supporters then reacted by launching “by-cott” and Ivanka Trump came out in support of the company, calling on consumers to buy Goya products.

Goya does not disclose financial income publicly, so it is unclear what impact Annu’s comments have had on the company. But a source who spoke with CNN Business said that the comments “spoiled the future of the company” and that “it is lower than the increase in sales” prior to his comments.


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