Divyendu Sharma says that farmers make their next film important


Mumbai, January 27: Actor Divyendu Sharma says that his upcoming film is relevant in the midst of the peasant movement going on in my country.

The film is a humble yet inspiring take on the life and journey of young engineers Ajay, played by Divyendu, and his friends prevent Sameer from rejecting urban failures for icons in rural India. Sunny Deol distanced himself from Deep Sidhu after the Red Fort violence, the actor’s old video letter of his ‘younger brother’ went viral.

“This film is very close to my heart and that’s why I am very protective of this film. I really want this film to reach as many people, especially the farmers, so maybe what we have done in the film inspires them Can, cannot solve, but helping them in their problems in any way will be a great thing, a brilliant start, “said Divyendu, who has impressed himself in roles as diverse as” Pyar Ka Panchnama “. Established as a versatile actor. Films and web series “Mirzapur”.

“This is a special one for me and especially for the current scenario, which is happening with farmers, it becomes more important,” he said.

The film also stars Anant Vidhat, Anupriya Goenka, and directed by Faraz Haider and produced by Vaishali Saravankar. It also stars Inamulhak, Brijendra Kala, Rajesh Sharma, Atul Srivastava and Farukh Jaffer.

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