Republic Day 2021 Flag Hoisting Rules: According to the Indian Flag Code, what are the rules for hoisting the tricolor on Republic Day?


Republic Day 2021 Flag Hoisting Rules: According to the Indian Flag Code, what are the rules for hoisting the tricolor on Republic Day?

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Republic Day 2021 Flag Hoisting Rules: Today (26 January 2021), the 72nd Republic Day is being celebrated in the country. On this day, every Indian is seen tinted in the color of Tricolor. On this special occasion, Republic Day Celebration is organized by many organizations including government offices, schools and colleges. On this day the National Flag is hoisted and everyone salutes the tricolor. On this day people congratulate each other on Republic Day and greeting messages are sent through social media. Cultural programs are organized at many places. Although hoisting the tricolor is considered most important on this day, but it is necessary to follow the rules related to it. Not only flag hoisting, but also the removal of it after sunset, as well as many rules related to maintaining this dignity are mentioned in the Flag Code of India, which everyone should follow.

According to the Flag Code of India i.e. the Flag Code of India, the tricolor should not be insulted or misused in any case. Our tricolor is a symbol of our pride, so it is the duty of every citizen of the country to honor it. Actually, the tricolor made of plastic and paper is seen lying on the streets the next day of the festival, which is an insult to the tricolor. If you are also organizing Republic Day celebrations, then you must follow these rules of the Indian Flag Code. Also read: Republic Day 2021: The country is celebrating 72nd Republic Day, ITBP jawans hoist the tricolor in Ladakh and give such salute (Watch Video & Photos)

Rules for hoisting the national flag of India

Tricolor shape and material

The Indian tricolor is made of three identical rectangular colors. Saffron is at the top of the tricolor, white in the middle and green at the bottom, while Ashoka Chakra is placed in the middle. The ratio of the height of the flag is 3: 2. The standard size of the national flag is listed in the Indian Flag Code.

Tricolor size in mm-

1- 6300 x 4200

2- 3600 x 2400

3- 2700 x 1800

4-1800 x 1200

5- 1350 x 900

6- 900 x 600

7- 450 x 300

8- 225 x 150

9-150 x 100

  • The rules related to the material with which the tricolor is made are also mentioned in the Indian Flag Code. Khadi or hand-spun cloth is the only material that can be used to make the tricolor. There is a provision for imprisonment of up to three years with fine for hoisting the tricolor made of any other material.
  • The Indian tricolor should always be kept in a state of honor and uniquely.
  • If you are hoisting the tricolor on public buildings or private organizations, it should be hoisted from sunrise to sunset.
  • The damaged or disordered flag should not be hoisted. The tricolor should not be torn or damaged under any circumstances.
  • While hoisting the national flag, special care should be taken that if the speaker is facing the audience, then the national flag should be behind the speaker so that the audience can see the national flag waving.
  • If the tricolor is being taken in a procession or parade, it should be right in front or in the center.
  • The national anthem should be sung after saluting the tricolor. It is also mandatory to follow the etiquette specified for the national anthem. Also Read: Republic Day 2021 Google Doodle: Google Celebrating India’s 72nd Republic Day, dedicates this special doodle

How to land the national flag?

  • The flag should be lowered respectfully after sunset.
  • While taking off the flag, it should be lowered slowly.
  • After lifting the tricolor down, it should be carefully folded and kept in a wooden box.

How to Dispose the National Flag?

  • According to the Indian Flag Code, the tricolor can be disposed in two ways. The tricolor should be burnt respectfully or it should be buried.
  • All damaged or mutilated tricolors are collected together and placed together in a wooden box. After this, the box is buried in the ground. After burying the national flag, a few moments of silence are observed in its honor.
  • The work of burning the tricolor is also done carefully. The tricolor should be clean and folded, only then it is lit. While burning the tricolor, it is necessary to maintain its dignity and pride.

However, these are some rules which must be followed while hoisting the national flag. Apart from this, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also advised that no plastic flag should be used during the festival. People should use only flags made of paper. It is important to note that these rules must be followed while hoisting the tricolor during Republic Day and Independence Day.


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