Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Kicha Sudeep was a reality show hosted for launch in February 2021!


If you happen to be a fan of Big Boss Kannada? Then we have a piece of good news for you, because in February 2021 reality will return with its latest edition. Yes, you read it right! The show called High on Drama is set to launch on your TV screen next month. The latest season will be hosted by none other than Kicha Sudeep. This will happen Big Boss Kannada 8. This news was shared on social media by Parmeshwar Gundakal, the head of the channel. However, the show’s release date is yet to be revealed. Kicha Sudeep’s Phantom is Vikrant Roan now! To unveil the film’s title logo in Burj Khalifa.

An iconic host of the show shared a picture of himself sipping caffeine from the set of the reality show and wrote, ‘Promo shoot in progress’. When BB Kannada had begun, early seasons were shot in Lonavala, however, the last few seasons were shot in Bengaluru. As soon as this news came out, fans of the show were happiest. Phantom: Kicha Sudeep shared an impressive Raw footage of her upcoming film as she introduced her fans to #TheWorldOfPhantom.

Check it out:

Kichha Sudeep:

As BB Kannada 8 is about to launch soon, speculation has already started on the web about who will be a part of the show. Tiktok stars Sonu Gowda and Bindu Gowda, Pratap NM aka Drone Pratap, actor Anirudh Zakar are some of the names to be seen Big Boss. Workwise, Kichha Sudeep crying Vikrant, Kotigoba 3 And Kabja In his kitty. stay tuned!

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