Cardi B Quips She Was Ready to ‘Wap’ at Joe Biden’s Opening Ceremony


American rapper Cardi B, who never hesitates to speak her mind, joked on Twitter recently that she was supposed to be among the cast at the opening ceremony of Joe Biden. The swearing-in ceremony, which featured speeches and celebrities showcasing their fashion game, featured performances by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks, while Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and others lent their talents to ‘Celebrating America’. Later that night, Fox News reported. Rapper Cardi B to pen a song on her driving license woes

While Cardi has been a vocal supporter of Biden, he was not present during the occasion to entertain fans. “Ugh I was going to perform the wap at the opening today, but I had a dentist appointment …. maybe next time,” she tweeted. The rapper was referring to his hit ‘Wap’, which quickly became famous for its sexual content. Though the tweet was nothing more than a joke, fans were taken to the stage with the idea of ​​the ‘Hustlers’ actress setting the stage on fire for the opening day. Cardi B apologizes to her goddess Durga for Reebok’s shoot, ‘does not mean to hurt anyone’s culture’

“I’ll live up to it,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Photographed in a ‘WAP’ music video with a photo of Senator Bernie Sanders, another added, “This [is] America wants us. “As reported by Fox News, ‘Wap’, which features Megan The Stallion, debuted in August and served as a sexual empowerment anthem. The rapper faced intense criticism over the song’s content, but fans Reminded that the tune is. ‘For adults.’ Despite not being a part of the ‘Please Me’ songwriter opening celebration, last summer saw a chance for Ellie to chat with Biden.

The US president asked the rapper what his ‘main interest’ was in the election. The rapper explained that she wanted to ‘get out of the Trump office’, as well as ‘answer’ in relation to the coronovirus epidemic and free health care. “And I want black people being killed and there’s no justice for it. I’m tired of it. I’m sick of it. I just want laws that are fair to black citizens and that are also for the police Be fair. ” He added earlier. The ‘I Like It’ rapper went on to say, “If you kill someone who doesn’t have a weapon, you go to jail. You know that if I kill someone, I have to go to jail. is.” Should also go to jail, that’s what I want.


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