Aapke Kamre Mein Koi Rishta Hai Hai Review: Swara Bhaskar’s horror-comedy series is too silly or scary (latest exclusive)


There is a review in your work: Who lives in your own room, Written and directed by Gaurav Sinha, has about four friends and bachelors, trying to find a flat to live in. So we have Nikhil (Sumit Vyas), a samskari chubbula, Sanki (Ashish Verma), Parvo, Kavi (Amol Parashar), Nard and Subbu (Naveen Dasturia), a straight guy, working in the same company. Their search for a flat ends in a building (illegally) built in a cemetery, where they find a four-bedroom flat. Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai Trailer: The MX player of Sumit Vyas and Swara Bhaskar is the horror-comedy Looks Entertaining.

They are not aware that the building is haunted and on the night of their Diwali party, a death occurs in the flat between four friends. Mausam (Swara Bhaskar) gets awkward when his female colleague has a crush, but it is Nikhil, with whom she lives, comes to live with him. She becomes obsessed with emotion and starts tormenting them, even resorting to murder on one occasion.

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Okay, when I wrote the above paragraph, I think you get that feeling Who lives in your own room It is a very deep matter. At one point, this happens. But it soon digs out the dark tone and takes a sudden patting tone that sticks the series to its end.

I believe that Who lives in your own room It was conceived as a film, before it was divided into an episodic format. A couple of series on their platform, MX Player – Dangerous And Bullets – had a similar fate. While both Dangerous And Bullets From the beginning to the end there were tractions, Who lives in your own room It had some potential in the plot. Not to mention, an incredible set of actors who do their best in their roles, but deserve better. Bullets Review: Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna’s web-series A ‘Thelma & Louise’ knock-off drone is badly inaccurate.

Who lives in your own room Could have worked better if it had originally developed as a series. This would have helped the characters develop better, have more twist and turns to breathe and some plot elements are not realized quickly (such as the sudden romance that develops between Nikhil and Seasons). Instead, almost everything feels underdeveloped here, the consequences of some major deaths are never felt much and Who lives in your own room Feels even sillier. Especially its far end.

The narration tool used cement to make editing flaws try to add humor to the proceedings but mostly feel flat. While the series is funny in bits (again, mostly because of its talented cast), there are a pair of problematic beats that get you to laugh. This is the scene where a lead drinks the drinks of all the girls in the party just to make them wild. The other plot is the ghost of having a girl and marrying her married friend without her consent, so that the latter is taught a lesson. The lack of respect for consent is much less compared to turning Shakti Kapoor as a ghost in the series.


– Actor


– not funny or scary

final thoughts

If it wasn’t for the comic time of the actors, Who lives in your own room A word (rhymes that must be made with) Buthiapa) To your senses this is neither very scary nor very funny. Who lives in your own room Streaming on MX Player.

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