1,900 Kovid Vaccines Wound From Loose Freezer Plug At Massachusetts VA Hospital


The Veterans Affairs Hospital in Massachusetts said about 2,000 doses of Modern’s Kovid-19 vaccine were damaged when a cleaning contractor accidentally opened a refrigerator.

NBC News Boston reported that 1,900 doses were located at the VA facility in the Boston area of ​​Jamaica, where VA officials on Tuesday felt the doses were not stored at the proper temperature.

A VA spokesman told NBC News that a contractor “accidentally fired.” [an electrical plug] While cleaning “and an investigation is underway to find out why the freezer’s alarm system and monitoring system did not work.

The VA also stated that replenishment was on the way and did not expect the loss of about 2,000 doses of the vaccine to affect their vaccination efforts.

According to an NBC News calculation, Massachusetts has confirmed 486,180 Kovid-19 cases since the epidemic began last year.

The Boston Public Health Commission declined to comment and directed an investigation to the VA Medical Center.

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston VA did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

Many cases of vaccine dose inaccuracy – intentionally and unknowingly, have made headlines in recent weeks as vaccine bottlenecks have slowed delivery as Kovid-19 continues to spread.

Both Morden and Pfizer-Bayonet vaccines require specific sub-freezing temperature ranges for storage, meaning supply chains must be able to provide long-term temperature-controlled transit.

While nearly 2,000 Modern Doses were ruined in Tuesday’s VA event by warmer temperatures, about 12,000 worsened earlier this month as temperatures were too cold during transit.


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