Jia Khan’s sister reveals Sajid Khan’s shocking incident, asks the late actress to take off her shirt (see video)


Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual harassment by several actresses but not much was done against him during the Mere To Move movement. He is still independent. Even now, the charges against him have not stopped and we now narrate an incident to the sister of the late Zia Khan which is very shocking. Recently, BBC2 named a documentary Death in bollywood This was followed by Jia’s suicide and the subsequent case. This is one of the parts where Jia’s sister was seen talking about how the actress could not get out of the film even after the horrific incident. Jia Khan’s death is now a three-part BBC documentary titled Death in Bollywood; Twitterati is heartbroken after watching the first episode

Jia’s sister reveals that it was not Jia who was asked to take off the bra and read the lines in a bra, she also had to face something unpleasant because of Sajid Khan. She was wearing a strappy dress and leaned on the table. Khan took it as a sign of her desire for sex with him. Sajid definitely knows how to give you a creep.

Last year, model Paula accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment and narrated a story in which the filmmaker allegedly bragged about what she had done to Jia Khan. In an interview with Beyond Bollywood, She recounted, “She came to me and sat down. She asked me if I had a boyfriend and did I have sex. I was nervous and didn’t really know what to say. She told me that it was totally Is different. Have sex with a man. He told me that if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t win the scene. He put his hand on my leg and started rubbing it. He said you know That Jia Khan was standing. The same place where I am standing now. “

Now with the big reveal of Jia Khan, it is clear that something unpleasant happened between Sajid Khan and Jia.

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