Akshay Oberoi: This Professional Can Knock You Down Down Multiple Times


Akshay Oberoi has been a part of Bollywood for almost a decade. He agrees that the acting profession is difficult and can knock people off many times. In his decade-long journey in Hindi cinema, Akshay has acted in films. “Pizza”, “Gurgaon” And “Kalkandi“. He has also made a name in the digital space with web projects like” The Test Case “,” Hum Tum Aur Tha “and” Meat “. Akshay Oberoi: Thought Versatility is Something Something Me for Focus on

Talking of the industry being a brutal place as it defines an actor based on hits and memories, Akshay told IANS, “It’s brutal but it’s the industry. It’s not just Bollywood. Any In the cinematic industry, it is. The way it works. It’s an art made for commerce. So, if your part isn’t done well, you don’t have a taker. ” Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na actor and Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan quit acting, confirms his friend Akshay Oberoi

“The next gig is hard to get and that has been going on since the beginning of time, the beginning of the star structure, the beginning of cinema. I think it would be unfair to expect that it would be too easy for someone to come in from outside. And A very tightly knit industry broke down, ”he said.

Akshay said that he knew it would not be a “cakewalk” for him when he entered the world of films. “With me, I may have thought that I had made it faster, but I hadn’t come up thinking that it would be a cakewalk. This profession might knock you off many times. The ratio of rejection and failure is skewed. You have Is. Learn to face that rejection at a young age and if you can’t do it then you can do something better, because it’s a difficult task, “he said.

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