Federal prison on lockdown in run-up to Biden inauguration


NEW YORK – All federal jails in the United States have been placed on lockdown, with officials aiming to prevent any possible violence that may arise behind bars as law enforcement mounts for potentially violent protests around the country for the presidential election Prepares for Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday.

According to an email from union employees representing federal correctional officers, the lockout occurred at 12 a.m. Saturday at more than 120 federal prison facilities.

The Bureau of Presence said in a statement, “In view of the current events happening across the country and carefully, a decision has been taken to secure all institutions.”

The bureau said that the decision of lockdown is a precautionary measure, there is no specific information and it is not in response to any significant incident.

To avoid backlash from prisoners, the lockdown was not announced until they were locked in their chambers on Friday evening.

Jail locals council president Shane Fossey wrote in his email to staff that inmates should still be given access to showers, phones and emails in small groups and may still be involved in food preparation and basic maintenance .

Prison officials surround the United States penitentiary, Terry Haute, Ind. But patrolled the Federal Correctional Complex. 15 January 2021.Brian Woolston / Reuters

Messages seeking comment were left with Fossey on Saturday.

The agency last placed a nationwide lockdown in April to combat the spread of coronaviruses.

During a lockdown, prisoners are kept in their cells for most of the day and the tour is canceled. Due to coronaviruses, social seizures only resumed in October, but many facilities canceled them again as the infection spread.

One reason for the new nationwide lockdown is that the bureau is relocating some of its Special Operations Response Teams from prison facilities to Washington DC, to safety after supporters of President Donald Trump hit the U.S. Capitol on January 6. There should be more violence, not only in the nation’s capital, but also in the state capitals, before Trump leaves office on January 20.

A bureau of prison spokesman said the agency was coordinating with officials in the Department of Justice to prepare as needed. Earlier this month, about 100 officers were sent to the Justice Department headquarters to supplement the security staff and were deputed by the US Marshals Service to “enforce federal criminal law and protect federal property and personnel.” Special legal rights were granted, the spokesman said, Justin Tall.

Special units typically respond to jumble disturbances and other emergencies, such as riots, assaults, escape and attempted escape and hostage situations. Their absence can leave gaps in prison emergency response and put the remaining employees at risk.

“Things that happen outside the walls can affect those working behind the walls,” Aaron McLothin, president of a local union in a federal prison in California.

As the epidemic continues to federal prisoners and staff, a federal lockup in Mendota, California is also dealing with a possible case of tuberculosis.

According to an email to staff Friday, an inmate at a medium-security facility is placed in a negative-pressure room after returning a positive skin test and an X-ray indicating an active case of tuberculosis.

The email stated that the inmate was not showing signs of lung disease and is undergoing further testing to confirm the diagnosis.

As a precaution, all other prisoners in the affected prisoner’s unit were kept in quarantine status and given skin tests for tuberculosis.

The bacterial disease spreads in the same way as Kovid-19, through droplets that an infected person expels through coughing, sneezing, or other activities such as singing and talking.

There are also 10 current prisoner cases in Mendota and six current employee cases of Kovid-19.

As of Wednesday, the last day for which data was available, there were 4,718 federal prisoners and 2,049 prison staff staff members with current positive tests for Kovid-19.

38,535 prisoners and 3,553 employees have recovered from the virus since the first case surfaced in March. So far 190 federal prisoners and 3 staff members have died.


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