NordicTrack Vault Launched: A New Smart Mirror


NordicTrack, a popular brand among fitness enthusiasts and a favorite brand among shopping readers, has entered the smart mirror space with its latest release: Dubbed the Vault, a 60-inch-tall smart fitness mirror is a comprehensive and interactive home gym system .

SKIP AHEAD consider other smart mirrors

Right now, two versions of the vault are available for pre-order – both are expected to ship in February: the vault: standalone and the vault: complete. Both models are made of carbon steel and can be installed on your wall with minimal space in your home. They boast a 32-inch revolving Smart HD touchscreen, three speakers, Bluetooth compatibility and a one-year supplementary membership to NordicTrack’s iFit library, which is filled with 140 workout classes such as strength training, pilates and yoga. An annual individual iFit membership costs $ 180 per year, while an annual family plan will set you back $ 396.

Unlike other smart mirrors, including the popular tonal and mirrors, you can open the vault to find hanging shelves for your kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and other home gym accessories. However, if you order a vault standalone, which retails for $ 1,999, the only accessory you will receive with your order is a microfiber towel for cleaning.

You will need to invest an additional $ 1,000 for Vault Completion, with a total of 18 accruals, each supplemented by fitness programs and on-demand training offered through iFit: six sets of custom dumbbells, Five to 30 pounds, and two kettlebells that weigh 20 pounds and 30 pounds. There are also three travel-friendly resistance bands included – Light, Medium and Heavy – to help tone your muscles. Additionally, there are three heavy bands, which offer 50 pounds of resistance. For those who enjoy pilates, yoga or just extra cushions under their feet while doing workouts, a textured exercise mat and two for support when practicing your crow pose in the vault protect your home comfortably and comfortably Yoga blocks are also included.

Other smart mirrors are worth considering

If the idea of ​​spending $ 3,000 on a smart mirror is a bit different, there are relatively inexpensive options to choose from.

1. Echolone Reflect

The 40-inch tall smart mirror is currently marked below $ 685 on Amazon – if you’re ready to order a refurbished model, this is it. Otherwise, if you order it new, you’ll see it return $ 1,040, while the 50-inch version is $ 1,640.

Echolon United also offers its own on-demand workout classes, such as boxing and strength-training, live private fitness classes. If you prefer a monthly rate, the annual premium membership of Echolon costs $ 400 per year or $ 40 per month. When you purchase an echelon reflect, you can sign up for a free FitPass test to test classes before you are fully committed to the paid service.

2. Tempo Studio

This is the only smart mirror on our list that uses artificial intelligence and 3D mapping to let you know your stance is wrong and provides guidance on how to best get the right look. Tempo monitors your reps, advises you when to lift your weight and builds custom fitness programs based on your performance and goals. Tempo is also equipped with four sets of workout plates, dumbbells, workout mats and foam rollers to boost your recovery.

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