The Pablo Escobar documentary focuses on the Scottish mercenaries hired to kill the drug lord

A new feature documentary gains exclusive access to the story of Peter Macalis, a Scottish mercenary and former SAS operative, who was hired by the Colombian drug cartel to murder Pablo Escobar, a drug baron.

Produced by Glasgow-based Two River Media and Salon Pictures, the creators of the David Bowie film “Stardust,” “Killing Escobar” are narrated in McLease’s own words and never-before-seen footage of his 1989 Colombian mission. The doctor also revealed how McAleese’s violent upbringing in SAS Glasgow, SAS training and experience as a mercenary in Africa led her to take on the courageous – and seemingly suicidal – assignments.

Commissioned by BBC Scotland, the film is backed by distributor Abacus Media Rights, which handles international distribution rights as well as The National Lottery through Screen Scotland. Directed by award-winning filmmaker David Whitney, the film will air at the Glasgow Film Festival on 7 March and on BBC Scotland later this year.

Mick McAvoy, head of factuals at Two Rivers Media, said: “At Two Rivers Media, we pride ourselves on bringing remarkable stories to people who were at the center of the action, told on screen. Kee does not state the possibility that a man from the East End of Glasgow was asked to bring together a contingent of ex-special forces to travel to the criminal kingdom of the world’s most dangerous man to assassinate him. . “

McAvoy noted that the film does not use any voiceover and relies on intimate interviews with Macleay, his team members, and Escobar’s bodyguard. The 90-minute film includes a collection of McLease’s life as well as interviews with other key participants in the story, such as: fellow mercenary Dave Tomkins; DEA officers Javier Pena and Steve Murphy (subject of Netflix’s hit series “Narcos”); And McCleese’s Cali Cartel Lieutenant Jorge Salcedo, whose experiences in Columbia also inspired the Netflix series.

Founder and managing director Nick Tausig for Salon Pictures said, “When [director David Whitney] The first time this film was brought to us, we were determined to make it, such as, beyond the compelling narrative of a small band of mercenaries trying to take on Pablo Escobar, the final story of an old soldier who Is for himself. David had the track record and pedigree to take this story, and was a creative tour day force. “

Whitney highlighted the “wealth” and high level of access to private video collections that were “the stuff of dreams for any filmmaker.”

“When my editor and I sat down and saw the footage the men had filmed for their mission, we were amazed at the breadth and quality; It was a gold mine! “Said Whitney. “It has been a long, arduous journey to get ‘Killing Escobar’ on screen, but I hope the audience is as thrilled by this incredible true story as I was.”

Tony Nelney commissioned the film for BBC Scotland. The director of photography is Julian Schwanitz, while the head of production is Lucy Austen; The head of legal is Ross Cowan; And the location is AP Kelly Machin. Executive producers include Alan Clements and Mick McAvoy for Two Rivers Media – for whom the film marks the organization’s first theatrical stage as well as Nick Tausig for saloon photographs. “Killing Escobar” has been distributed internationally by Abacus Media Rights.

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