The New York Attorney General sued the NYPD for installing the monitor, alleging years of civil rights abuse

New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued New York City, along with its mayor and police commissioner alleging civil rights abuses to set up a monitor to monitor the police department, including the death of George Floyd Officers are also involved in the protests.

“Nobody is above the law – individuals are not accused of enforcing it,” James said on Thursday.

James said the “milestone lawsuit” underscores years of excessive force and false arrests, most recently during a racial justice protest last year.

James said that the NYPD and its senior leaders failed to address this long-standing pattern of preventing abuse by officers with training, supervision and discipline to prevent abuse, despite knowing and publicly acknowledging that it Violates the rights of the New Yorker, ‚ÄĚJames said.

This is the last time, she said, for meaningful change.

“That is why we are seeking systemic reform in the NYPD and the establishment of a monitor to monitor the NYPD’s policing strategy in opposition to the future and to ensure that they are compliant with the law,” James said said. “With today’s lawsuit, this old pattern of brutal and illegal force came to an end.”

James said he doesn’t think every officer is problematic, but the city has a “systemic problem” that needs to be addressed.

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