Review of Tandav: A devilish Saif Ali Khan Ali Abbas leaves a brilliant cast in Zafar’s dare, if uneven, OTT debut series (latest special)

Orgy review: After Table public, Amazon Prime Video received just one more show, which is once again guaranteed to earn praise for the likes of right-wingers and liberal thinking. Ali Abbas Zafar, director of blockbusters Ek tha tiger Franchise and GoonsOTT enters with space dance of fury And concludes his most provocative work to date. Dealing with topics dance of fury And with the excellent cast he moves into, Zafar halves his work, while his steady care of the proceedings takes care of the rest. Saif Ali Khan role to play Kanhaiya Kumar in ‘Tandava’ inspired by Rahul Gandhi and Zeeshan Ayub?

dance of fury Looks at two aspects of youth in India through a political spectrum. The most popular politician in the JLD, the country’s largest political party, Daroga Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan), represents one aspect – a symbol of dynastic politics, tired of the way its superiors deal with parochialism. -Andhra attitude especially towards his own father Devaki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dhulia), whose new term as Prime Minister of India is about to begin. A turn that Samar is not happy about because he feels he deserves the position that he has won the vote by his own diligence.

Summer is an interesting amalgamation of real-life effects. Although I am not telling the inspirations, I will not blame you that you can see a certain politician from India’s oldest party, from India’s most popular politician to former UP CM. As the show progresses, he ‘Chanakya policy‘And instead of becoming king, he talks about becoming a king-maker, and I talked about the new’ inspiration ‘.

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Zafar and writer Gaurav Solanki add a type of Shakespearean political drama to his story, as he and his lady Macbeth, Ayesha (Sarah Jane Dias), gain more power with the substantial help of their loyal ally Gurpal (Sunil Grover) Is set to. Even this means the inclusion of the patriot. But his path to the PM’s seat is facing even more challenges, and he is forced to change priorities and ambitions to avoid other enemies.

The other side of youth representation is Shiva (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub), who speaks of the idealistic values ​​we once believed. A student of VNU (heh, heh), Siva catches the nation’s attention when he and his fellow students expose the media. Focus on a peasant movement (oh my!) To save a fellow student (a Muslim) from illegal imprisonment. A UPSC aspirant with leftist ideology, Shiva is pushed into college politics, but is unaware of the fact that he is being read for a major political drama. As Summer has said, it does not take long for the ‘left’ to go ‘right’; Just put a mirror in front of the person.

Summer and Shiva are not the only players to take care of us in this Machiavellian powerplay. Anuradha Kishore (Dimple Kapadia), a senior member of the JLD who is also a lover of Devaki Nandan and seeks a Ministry of Defense post for her freelance son (Paresh Pahuja) with his own secret goals. Just as Summer has a Gurpal, Anuradha has Maithili (Gauhar Khan), her devoted lady Friday. Another candidate for the post of PM is Gopal Das Munshi (Kumud Mishra).

Then Shiva’s partner is VNU ally Sana (Kritika Kamra), who has her own baggage which refuses her to leave. He is also in a close relationship with his devious professor Jigar (Dino Morea) which pushes him deeper into his moral relationship. Jigar is separated from his wife, Sandhya (Sandhya Mridul), a professor at DNU who is now in a relationship with JLD politician Kailash Kumar (Anoop Soniyan), who often ridiculed his caste-identity. Also, there is a secret that knows the secret of Summer.

Each of them plays in this desi game of Thrones – Either they are manipulating or those who are manipulating. Everyone becomes a pawn in a chessboard, as we wait to see who falls first so that the king can be protected. It is this interesting assortment of flawed characters, which makes the orgy a lively clock, even if it is predictable at times.

Writer Gaurav Solanki probably had an easy task to set up the entire game, as he needed to make headlines in the media. From peasant protests to JNU to minority strikes, every burning issue manages to trace their statements that are not afraid of taunting vicious right politics and weak leftist ideologies. There is a downside to this treatment – in an attempt to escalate every topical controversy, the actual storylines are sometimes overtaken.

dance of fury AR also uses the popular Rahman cleverly Young The anthem at state moments, while our anguish secretly over the pathetic state of politics. Tandava song Dhaka Laga Bukka: AR Rahman’s song from the film Yuva has now become a youth anthem for Saif Ali Khan’s web series!

Things get dull in the middle, but get better towards the last couple of episodes, as Samar and Gurpal molest the others. By the end of the first season, we realize that the series was not about the person who sits on the throne, but about the person who makes arrangements to sit there. And that, idealism is going towards extinction.

While the ideas where this bottleneck are fine dance of fury There seems to be a lack in some of his lethargy and his heavy treatment of character decisions. It actually takes some time to go, and still leaves some significant chaps in the cold. Like, what’s with the whole mystery callgirl subplot that never gets a proper answer? For example some characters like Ayesha are also not good. I am not sure that she is benefiting from her husband’s game, as we only get to see her when Summer is around. Despite this she is bringing her own maleist design.

Nevertheless, all the actors are well cast in their roles, with Saif Ali Khan playing another impressive negative role. Summer is what you get if you take away Langda Tyagi’s ego and make him more successful and powerful, and the actor blends in well with the setting rather than over-powering it with his star-power . Then there is the always excellent Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, who breathes Agni as the ideal Shiva, and offers an anti-foil to a selfish Samar.

Sunil Grover, in a rare negative twist, steals the show as a poker-faced, powerful henchman. Kritika Kamra acted as a crime-ridden Sana. I wished Dimple Kapadia got more footage, she was incredible in every scene she appears. Sara Jane Dias, Kumud Mishra, Anoop Soni, Gauhar Khan, Dino Morea, Sandhya Mridul, Tigmanshu Dhulia are all amazing in their roles, which can also be said for the actors playing fellow students of Shiva.


– Actor Group

– A better second half


– Slack middle part

– Very uneven in tone

final thoughts

Although it may not be anywhere in the league, says Card houses or even Table public, dance of fury Ali Abbas Zafar has the boldest and strongest offering ever. The web-series gives you a reference to real-life political drama with its mixed, flawed characters, dubious power-plays and (occasionally, not so). All nine episodes of dance of fury Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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