‘Queen’ Raven leaves Tower of London – will it be uprooted?

LONDON – As Kovid-19 ripped through the United Kingdom, Brexit is causing chaos, and support for Scottish independence is growing, the folklore barely able to tell the British their country is in a difficult place is required.

But 2021 has given him one anyway.

Legend has it that at least six stepwells should be placed on the Tower of London or the kingdom would collapse. On Wednesday, it was announced that one of these birds, Merlina, has disappeared and may be dead.

This means that the dishonesty of minarets – the appropriate Gothic collective noun of birds – is below seven, therefore close to the minimum.

“My concern is clearly overseeing the state,” Ravenmaster Chris Skeff at the Tower of London told the BBC on Thursday. “Should the tower be abandoned, a great loss will damage the kingdom, it will crumble to dust,” he said, before clarifying with Chakali, “Of course this is all myth and legend.”

The Ravens story is usually attributed to King Charles II who ruled in the mid-1600s. Legend has it that the birds should be kept in the tower if they ever go away.

Dating back to 1070, the Tower of London has served as a fort, a prison and a palace at various points throughout history. At least one king and probably very small princes have been murdered inside its walls.

Today it is home to the Crown Jewels – a collection of robbers, crowns and other royal regalia, whose value has been estimated at billions of pounds – and of course favored ravens. It is one of the top tourist attractions in the world, attracting over 3 million visitors in non-coronovirus time every year.

Skaife, who has tattoos on his calves and lives within the tower’s walls, has stated in previous interviews that the Raven myth was actually invented by the Tower as a marketing ploy in the 1880s.

As a keeper of the palace, known as the Ottoman warders, it is their job to watch the birds, feed them meat from the local market and dip the biscuits in blood.

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Scaff was putting the Raven to bed before going into the UK’s latest national lockdown earlier this month and noticed that Merlin had not returned.

“She has been missing for two weeks now and her” persistent absence tells us she must have been unhappy, “Tower of London said in a statement. “She said,” the undisputed ruler of the roasts, “she was called the” Queen of the Tower Ravens “.

Six of the remaining seven are named on the Tower website: Jubilee, Harris, Gripe, Rocky, Erin and Poppy.

“We hope that a new girl from our breeding program will have a tough challenge to continue her legacy,” the statement said.

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