MPs introduced bill to award Congressional Gold Medal to Hero Officer

A group of members of the bipartisan House on Thursday introduced legislation to confer with a Congressional Gold Medal to an official of the Legislature, who separated the crowd from the Senate chamber during last week’s deadly riots.

Reps. Charlie Crist, D-Fla, Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., And Nancy Mess, RSC, “credited Eugene Goodman for his bravery and quick thinking” during last week’s rebellion.

Goodman received accolades from many people, with a video of him purposefully chasing after a mob rolled in the opposite direction of the Senate Chamber’s doors, beyond which the people of the law were still hiding, Went viral on social media. Five people were killed in the riots, including another police officer.

“He’s a hero!” Christ said. The United States Capitol was attacked by armed, violent extremists, and Officer Eugene Goodman stood only between the mob and the United States Senate. I think that what could have happened was shivering thinking. This officer was not for Goodman’s sharp thinking and commitment to his duty and his country. “

Goodman, an army veteran, served in Iraq before joining the police force.

The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest civilian award, which the Congress can best award. Previous recipients include Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela.

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