Jeff Bridges, who opened up about his lymphoma diagnosis in October, says his tumor is ‘extremely bad’

Actor Jeff Bridges has shared some positive news following his lymphoma diagnosis in October. The 71-year-old recently wrote on his website that his “tumor has shrunk significantly” after going for a CAT scan, reports “I go for a CAT scan to see if my new protocol is shrinking my tumor. It’s working beautifully. This thing has subsided to a great extent. I came home with the news,” he said . Jeff Bridges thanked fans and well-wishers for dropping out after his cancer diagnosis news, ‘all love this love, some like a positive virus’

Bridges also shared the work of his mentor, Roselle Sachs, who continues to help him. “His mantra was ‘Prem Ho’. Yes, this is my path.” After revealing on social media that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma, he shared that he would keep his fans updated about the cancer fight on his website. Jeff Bridges diagnosed with lymphoma, actor had to undergo treatment (read statement)

On her birthday on 14 December, Bridges posted a picture on Instagram of herself with her shaved head and new puppy, Monty.

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