In the final transition days, the Biden team gets access to important Kovid vaccine data

WASHINGTON – In the days following President Donald Trump’s attempts to reverse his electoral defeat, administration officials finally began giving President Koebden’s team access to critical Kovid-19 vaccination data.

While Biden’s team insists that they will be able to manage 100 million vaccines in the first 100 days, they continue to wave flags of warning that their lack of cooperation with the Trump team is hindering their planning ability.

Biden’s transition team is “still confident” about meeting its vaccination target, said a person familiar with the matter, “The Trump administration has really worked on us to make it more difficult.”

This week, Biden’s team finally gained access to the government’s tracking software Tiberius, which was created to monitor vaccine distribution and administration, according to a person familiar with the plans. Sources said that after weeks of requests to attend the Operation Wap Speed ​​Vaccine briefing, Trump officials finally allowed Biden’s representatives.

The person said the Biden infection had not yet gained access to the Defense Department’s vaccination plans for the military.

A spokesperson for HHS said they had made unprecedented efforts to coordinate with the Biden transition. He said HHS would continue to provide regular updates, information and briefings to the Biden team, and would continue to work on an orderly transition through 20 January.

The official said, “Before Thanksgiving, HHS has had more than 300 meetings with President-Elect Biden’s team and the briefing continues into the holiday season. HHS continues its work to support a systematic transition until 20 January Will keep. “

Biden will expand his plans on Thursday for a legislative package for more funding for vaccine distribution.

“Do we feel that we have got the right cooperation and visibility at Tana Speed ​​in the last few weeks? No,” said a transition officer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of Wednesday, more than 29 million vaccine doses were distributed nationwide, with about 10 million receiving their first dose. But the Biden team still believes they can meet their 100 million shots goal in the first 100 days despite a problematic launch.

But a transition official warned that while Biden’s team is aware that the status of the Biden operation has not been inherited from Trump, people are unlikely to see the lack of cooperation as a legitimate excuse.

“It’s really striking, not only has the current administration completely stopped Kovid’s response, but he has actually interrupted a smooth transition, even though there are a lot of good works that have gone on to make that one.” It is very difficult to continue in an environment, said former CDC Director Tom Freeden, where there is no free and open sharing of information.

A transition official said that they also expect the incoming administration to set up federally-funded mass vaccination sites and mobile units that can reach difficult populations like people in rural areas.

Carroll E. Lee has contributed.

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