Haldi Kunku Ukhane in Marathi: Make Haldi-Kumkum program fun with beautiful Marathi ukhane on the occasion of Makar Sankranti 2021

Haldi Kunku Ukhane in Marathi: Make Haldi-Kumkum program fun with beautiful Marathi ukhane on the occasion of Makar Sankranti 2021

Makar Sankranti Special Marathi Ukhane (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Haldi Kunku Ukhane in Marathi: Today, the festival of Makar Sankranti is being celebrated all over the country. This festival is celebrated with great pomp. The year has started with Lohri. Lohri is celebrated just one day before Makar Sankranti. Today, Makar Sankranti is very popular in the whole country. This festival is celebrated in all the states according to their custom. In Maharashtra, Makar Sankranti is the first festival of the year. This festival is celebrated when the Sun (Surya) enters Capricorn during the month of Pausha in Maharashtra. On this day, Sun God is in Uttarayan from Dakshinayan. It is believed that on this day, Sun God visits his son Shani to meet him. Today, the total duration of Makar Sankranti is 9.16 hours. After Makar Sankranti, Kharmas end and auspicious work begins. After the end of Kharmas, auspicious activities like worship, prayer ceremony and home entrance begin.

On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the women of Maharashtra organize Huldi Kumkum program, in this ceremony all the women gather and share the good. At the same time, she says to each other, ‘Tilgul Ghia and God God spoke’, this means, the relationship should remain sweet like sesame seeds. In turmeric kumkum ceremony, women pick up their husband’s name. In particular, the tradition of picketing is played by the newly married couple, who are eager to listen. Today, on this special festival of Makar Sankranti, we have brought you easy and best Marathi Ukhane.

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After marriage in Maharashtra, Suhagan woman is called by her close friends and relatives at her home. They are then applied with turmeric and kumkum, followed by a small gift of Suhagan, which is called (wan) in Marathi. Along with this, tadgud ladoos are given. In Maharashtra, women make tilgud ladoos in their homes. After all the programs are organized, it is urged to uproot newly married couples. If you are also married, then you can speak to the ukhane given below.

1. Jamalya sa-ya jani hadi kunkuwachaya nimtane

Sansaracha gada Uchalen …… Ravanchaya Sathyane

2. Tyache Ladoo, Gucha Godwa

…… Ravansobat Rojach Sajra Hoto Majha Padwa

3. GulabPakshi Beautiful Gulabachi Kali

…… Ravanche Boat Ghetti Hedi Kunkuwachaya Vee

4. Sasar and Maherche Sagalech Hoshi

…… Ravanche Boat Ghetti Hadi Kunkuwachaya Divashi

5. Myne Japali Sanskarat Wadhali Lake is …… Chi (Adnav Takane)

…… Ravanmule Soon Jhali Mee …… Chi (Adnav Takane)

6. To give birth, to give birth to bananas,

…….. Raavanche boat engulfs wife or Natyana

7. Sonyache Mangusutra Sonnarane Ghadville

…… Nao Ghayyala Hadi Kunkuwadivashi Sarvana Advale

8. Sarv Dagyantyant Best Call Money

…… Rao Ahet Majhya Saubhagyache Rich

9. Makar Sankrantichya Nimittane Hadi Kunkuwacha Ambala Ghat

Aamchya ….. Ravancha is absolutely royal

10. Hadate Ashti Piwi, Kunku Asate Lal,

…… Jhawan lives with Ravanchi nausea

Instead of the empty space given, married women take their husband’s name and make the turmeric-kumkum ceremony special with these easy pickings. Many best wishes to all of you on Makar Sankranti. Explain that bathing in holy rivers, charity and worship of Sun God on the day of Makar Sankranti have special significance. By performing charity on this day, you get the results of Akshaya.

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