Demi Lovato’s documentary series debut on YouTube in March

Demi Lovato: Dancing with the DevilA new documentary on the life and career of the pop singer is scheduled to air on YouTube in March. According to Variety, the four-part documentary series will be directed by Michael D. Ratner, who designed the “End Music” series for the “short and form” streaming platform Quibe. The project will focus on the most turbulent times faced by Lovato, including his physical, emotional and mental health. Demi Lovato tells everyone about body positivity in her new post, celebrating her stretch marks with an emotional note

“Dancing with the Devil” will see the 28-year-old singer open up about every aspect that led to almost fatal consequences in 2018 and lessons after that. “For the first time, you will be able to see my struggle and ongoing healing from my point of view. I am grateful that I was able to take this journey to face my previous head and finally share it. The world,” I Love Me “said the hitmaker. The upcoming project” Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated “is the singer’s 2017 dock, which was released on YouTube. Demi Lovato introduces her pointed new pixie haircut and we are in love with her new look (see photos)

According to Rattner, the documentary is “the real window to the life of one of the world’s biggest stars, who is only a human being.” “Demi has given up on her desire to explore the darkest elements of her life, leaving the audience with a sense of everything she is and ultimately where she is going,”. “We are excited to continue sharing Demi’s brave story.

YouTube is committed to telling real stories about the complexities of original life and for Demi to use our global platform to open up about this chapter is something we’re very proud of, “Susan Daniels, Added global head of original content on YouTube. ” Two episodes of “Dancing with the Devil” will launch on Lovato’s YouTube channel on March 23, followed by the next two episodes released weekly.

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