Delta will not allow DC-bound passengers to check guns before Biden’s opening

Delta Air Lines passengers will not be allowed to have airports serving the Washington metropolitan area to check firearms on flights before the Presidential Met election, CEO Ed Bastian told CNBC on Thursday.

The new policy, which begins this weekend and runs through the following week, comes after last week’s deadly pro-Trump riots in the US Capitol and politics-induced disturbances at flights and airports. Law enforcement authorized to carry firearms will be exempt.

“We are all on high alert based on events in the last few weeks in Washington,” Bastian said in an interview on “Nawada Box.”

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday that it would take a zero tolerance policy for passengers who are unregistered or interfere with flight crew duties, with a fine of $ 35,000.

Airlines, airports and hotels are beefing up security ahead of Wednesday’s opening. Many airports said they would add more police, while airlines are increasing staffing at airport hotels and booking overnighting crews. American Airlines said late Wednesday that it would stop liquor sales for DC flights.

A spokesperson told Reuters that Delta Air Lines has put 880 people on its no-fly list for not complying with its mask requirements and banned others from harassing or flying with the airline .

Last week, supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump provoked Utah Senator Mitt Romney on a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Washington DC.

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