California hospital fined Kovid outbreak for Christmas dress

A California hospital is facing a $ 43,000 fine from county health officials for alleged delays in reporting a Kovid-19 super-spreader associated with the dress of a county Christmas tree.

Healthcare veteran Kaiser Permanente on Tuesday denied any delays in reporting Kovid-19 cases involving a Christmas party at the emergency department of his San Jose Medical Center.

Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Jose, California.Google Map

Kaiser Permanente said in a statement to NBC News, “The suggestion that we come up with anything that came with our reporting is incorrect”, adding that continued communication with many state and local agencies regarding our facilities Is kept.

The penalty issued last Tuesday for each delayed report of a positive case is $ 1,000, but the number of infections associated with the Christmas event has increased from 43 to 90 in early January.

As of Tuesday, county health officials said they have counted 77 employees and 15 inpatient cases associated with the incident. A staff member was killed.

The Department of Public Health of Santa Clara County said it was unaware of the first 43 cases until news reports last week.

“Kaiser Permanente County’s Worksheet Cases and Contact Reporting Portal failed to report any of these cases as it is required to do by a public health order issued on October 5,” the department said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Kaiser Permanente said of the inflatable Christmas tree costume – while still certainly not linked to the outbreak, as county health officials clarified – was an innocent gesture that “only the souls of those Tried to lift what is a very stressful time. “

The organization said they are reviewing the Santa Clara County Citation and will respond before the deadline on Friday.

According to the California Department of Public Health, Bay Area Hospital Intensive Care Units Over 95 percent are full Until Tuesday.

In recent days, with the confirmed number of Kovid-19 cases reaching 3 million in California alone, Governor Gavin Newsom has received heightened criticism for the slow rollout of coronavirus vaccines in the state.

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