Bhoomi Movie Review: Jayam Ravi and Nidhi Aggarwal’s Social Drama Falls Victim to Bad Writing and Execution (Latest Special)

Bhoomi Movie Review: After Mohan Bhargava, it is now the turn of Bhumiathan (Jayam Ravi) to discredit NASA to save his ancestral village in India. If Mohan Bhargava opted not to send satellites into space to light the bulb Swades, Then Bhumiathan considered it better to bring back the Green Revolution in Tamil Nadu than to cultivate in Mars. This is the basis of Jayam Ravi’s new film, EarthWritten and directed by Laxman, released directly on Disney + Hotstar. Jayam Ravi’s 25th film Bhoomi Disney on premiere + Pongal Hotstar on 2021!

During a hiatus in his NASA project, Bhoominathan comes to his village in TN on holiday with his mother (Saranya Ponnavan). After a brilliantly romantic track with her old flame (Nidhi Aggarwal), Bhoomi does a reality check about the situation on her way back home. When he dreams of harvesting crops in Mars, Land realizes that farming in his home is a dying profession, involving farmers’ pens and their families in corporate companies.

Deciding to change the state of affairs on its own, a crime-ridden land renounces its NASA job and shows its people that agriculture is still a viable profession. Of course, this puts him on the red lead of villains, notably the nefarious corporate boss Richard (Ronit Roy).

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Earth Starts on a promising note, drawing attention to an issue that needs to be addressed seriously. This also comes at the right time when Indian farmers are in opposition to the government, alleging that corporate intervention can only ruin the state of farming. whereas Earth There is a very anti-corporate stance, I can’t help but pinch the irony that the film is sold on an OTT platform owned by a corporate, even if COVID-19 is the reason for it. Bhoomi Full Movie in HD Leaked on Tamilblasters & Telegram channel for free download and watch online; Jayam became the latest victim to face the outbreak of Ravi’s film Piracy.

Anyway, the early parts have some interesting scenes, ie later Earth Vain love wastes time on the track, giving some dialogue to say the least to his leading lady. The rest of the film only sees Nidhi sticking to the PYT trope, standing quietly next to her man, and then occasionally dancing with him.

Once we get to the main plot, Earth Something moves and attracts our attention. The land where the Minister of Agriculture (Radha Ravi) corrupts, is a good order. However, when social themes are plausible, the hero’s way to solve the crisis (also realizes how our ancestors have done well in the field), well, is to use the appropriate word, eh. .. ‘fantasy’. No small steps here, just some of the major advances look good in an unrealistic piece of cinema, but comes across as a sci-fi IRL like the Geo Mars project, which also mentions a bullet that people Can survive on carbon dioxide. This movie seemed like a more interesting subject for BTW!

Although it raises interest at sporadic levels in the first half, Earth It takes a nose-dip with the entry of the main villain. While Ronit Roy is making a splash as the antagonist, his character profile is paper-thin – just the drone in a monotonous tone, while the antique is draped in a clean suit. The scenes between him and Bhoomi barely pass, and there are some scenes where Bhoomi tries to elevate him in his game. The most annoying part about the film is how it ends – in fact, the director forgot to add a proper ending to it!


– Jayam Ravi’s performance

– Topical topics


– Writing and execution

– Supporting cast is ruining

final thoughts

Finally, Jayam Ravi’s Earth A very serious conversation takes the case and turns into a highly optimistic, but replacementless WhatsApp. Earth Disney + Hotstar is streaming.

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