Bhabiji is at home: Neha Pendse finally starts shooting as Anita Bhabhi, looks like it’s over!

Actress Neha Pendse started shooting for the popular sitcom on Thursday Bhabiji is at home As Anita Bhabhi. Sharing her excitement about her first day on set, Neha said: “It was wonderful to meet everyone. I am so excited and overwhelmed with all the love and affection. The entire cast and crew accompanied an amazing cake. I was welcomed so warmly, which was such a lovely gesture and my first day on the shoot was a big attraction. ” Bhabhi Ji is at home in Neha Pendse! 10 glamorous pictures of new Anita Bhabhi that are simply beautiful!

“I’m looking forward to the role and bringing it into a new dimension. The audience is in awe,” she said of the character, who was previously portrayed by Saumya Tandon. The show also stars Asif Sheikh, Rohitashwar Gaur and Shubhangi Atre.

“Finally, Anita is here, and now our pair is complete! For months, many of my fans and viewers have been asking me when to meet Anita. So now, everyone is happy to be on board with Neha Can. He’s a brilliant. ” Asif, who plays Anita’s husband Vibhuti Narayan Mishra on the show, said, “Actor and a warm person, and I am looking forward to a great start to our friendship and shooting together.” Neha Pendse to replace Soumya Tandon in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain. ‘Looking forward to the start soon’.

Rohitashv shared that he has been “a humble fan of his work and now, shooting with him is a dream come true”. Shubhangi was missing her “Gal Pal Anita Bhabhi”, and now when Neha comes along, we are sure we will ball together once. Bhabiji is at home And aired on TV.

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