Anupam Kher gets emotional talking about his mother in a post, it is revealed that he had to sell his jewelry to keep the actor in school

Anupam Kher’s mother Instagram is famous, thanks to all the cute photos and videos that the actor uploaded to her. All these posts make it clear that Kher and his mother have a great bond and respect for their mother. Anupam recently got a chance to talk about himself and told his fans how he has gone through so much trouble to see his children succeed. He also told how his mother once had to sell her jewelry so that she could send him to a good school. Anupam Kher’s mother, brother, sister-in-law and niece test positive for Kovid-19, the actor confirmed that he had tested negative.

He revealed, “I have vivid memories of my mother leaving school. Before leaving, she used to say, ‘Your best day is today.’ And as a child, I believed it helped me dream; it helped me realize how poor we are. Papa earned only Rs 90 a month, so Mom had to sell her jewelry to us in good schools Had to sell for

But I was terrible in studies, so mother was worried. If Papa was cool, she would say, ‘Ziada Taref Maat’; She wanted to keep us focused. ” Anupam Kher reacted to the demolition of Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai office by the BMC, saying ‘this is #Bullydozer, not a bulldozer’.

He said that his mother was responsible for shaping him as a person. He recalled an incident at the age of 10 and a monk had come to school; Anupam Kher’s mother gave him 5 paise to give. But instead, he spent 2 paise and kept the rest in his bag. He lied to his mother about this, but when he later came to know about the money, he made him stand outside his house for 3 hours, until he confessed. This incident transformed him into a person. “His values ​​were with me when I came to Mumbai to be an actor with Rs 37. Many times I slept on stage, but never told him and when mom got sick, she didn’t tell me; we both Tried to save each other. And when I started doing movies, Mother kept me in mind, ‘Always be humble no matter how high you fly.’

He went on to talk about how he got into the habit of shooting his mother and putting his videos on social media. He expressed how fun it was for him shooting every day. Although her mother is probably not too fond of the meetup, Anupam has made sure to make it one way or another on her Instagram.

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