Anne Hathaway said that everyone is calling by wrong name, actress has pronounced her name correctly (see video)

Oscar winner Anne Hathaway revealed during virtual tour The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon She likes to be referred to by her surname Annie. According to Page Six, the ‘Colossal’ star said, “Call me Annie, everybody. Everyone, call me Ellie, please, Annie anything.” Anne Hathaway returns to screen after a tough challenge

The 38-year-old star is publicly known by her birth name ‘Anne Hathaway’, since she joined the Screen Actors Guild at the age of 14.

As reported by Page Six, her mother, however, is the only person in her life who calls her “Anne” and this only happens when the maternity is upset with the superstar. Anne Hathaway reveals her biggest challenge as a mother during lockdown

Anne Hathaway reveals the correct pronunciation of her name

“Every time I go out in public and someone calls my name, I think they’re gonna yell at me,” she told Falon. Annie added actor and businessman Adam Shulman in 2012. The pair shared 3-year-old son Jonathan and 1-year-old Jack.

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