Trump is disregarded when the White House becomes a haunted city


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is scheduled to be impeached again on Wednesday, but this time, he will lack Twitter’s megaphone to respond without a strong and aggressive defense from his White House and allies.

Aside from the ability to fire real-time responses, Trump must rely on White House staffers who have been largely replaced with exit boxes as allies and allies for evacuations to publicly defend them Fail to offer

But the president should not be presented with an explanation of the silence, his close says. Instead, Trump is adamant on his false claim that he won the election and denies the plea that he step down before his role in the deadly attack on the US Capitol ends.

A former White House official said Trump would be the first president to impeach twice, a former White House official.

Trump, according to people close to the president, has refused to resign in protest of calls from a growing number of Republicans to leave office.

A person familiar with Trump’s thinking said, “He’s not the resigning type.” Instead, the person said that “I think he would go out instead of fighting.”

White House staffers typically work in the administration’s final days as people secure new jobs, but Trump’s West Wing has become a ghost town after resignations following last week’s riots and some allies escaping the building Has become just a kovid. -19 hot spots for months.

Meanwhile, outside aides say they have become deeply concerned that very few people are left in the White House to do critical work at the last moment when White House staffers typically hand over operations to the incoming administration Will focus on

Trump is focused on issuing a wave of forgiveness in the coming days, including family members, according to sources familiar with his plans. According to people familiar with the conversations, he has continued this week to discuss an apology for himself, even though he has been advised against it.

According to sources, Trump’s aides continue to discuss him to deliver one or two final speeches in what he sees as his major achievements and criticize social media companies. The speech team has started working on the draft sections but no final decision has been taken.

Unlike his previous impeachment, Trump has few public defenders and the White House is not attempting to marshal him. There are no White House talking points distributed to surrogates to respond to the capital riot.

Trump has also not assembled a defense team to prosecute a possible impeachment. The team will likely include Rudy Giuliani, Alan Dershowitz and possibly others, a person familiar with the matter said. Dershowitz said he has not yet contacted anyone in the Trump administration.

With less than a week left in the White House, it is still unclear where Trump will be on Inauguration Day. Trump said he would not attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony and some advisers said he hoped he would leave the White House before Inauguration Day.

There is a growing feeling among advisers that Trump has accepted the fact that he will leave the White House, a person familiar with the president’s thinking.

“I think everyone thinks he’s accepting too much,” the person said.

Carroll E. Lee, Monica Alba and Kelly O’Donnell has contributed.


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