TikTok launches program to support black creatives

TikTok announced on Wednesday that it has launched an incubator program to promote and promote Black Talent on the platform.

“Tickcock for Black Creatives” is a three-month initiative that will focus on helping 100 Black creators and helping music artists develop their talents to “open doors to reach new heights in their careers” ” said.

Tiktok said, “Black producers on Tiktok are a driving force for our community, starting with trends and offering new ways to entertain and inspire others, and we continue to amplify and amplify their voices . “

A few months after the move Tiktok apologized to its black creators “who have felt insecure, unsupported or pressured” after some black users expressed concern that their content might not be extended at the same rate as their white counterparts Used to be.

In May, users held an on-app protest, known as the Tiktok blackout, against the suppression of black voices, protests against police brutality and racism around the world.

In his apology, Tiktok vowed long-term action to make the platform more diverse and elevate Black creators.

The immediate response from Black Creators was mixed, with some saying they saw an improvement while others said they felt their content was still being suppressed.

The new program includes inspiring town halls, community building forums with black entrepreneurs and celebrities, and educational programs with TikTok officials, according to the company.

Tiktok said that it is also making a grant to a select group of creators in partnership with Macro, a media company that represents the voices and perspectives of people of color. The grant can be used to fund educational resources, production equipment and other creative tools.

“We are thrilled to partner with TikTok to identify, uplift and support Black Creators. The Black Creator community at Tiktok is at the forefront of driving culture and sparking trends, and Macro is proud to help grow and showcase its vast talent. “Macron’s Chief Brand Officer Stacey Walker King said in a statement.

Creators interested in the program have until January 27 to apply, and will be finalized in February.

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