South Carolina students say the pilot cleaned the house

A college student in South Carolina said that he and his roommates are counting their blessings in moments, as the small plane missed their home and crashed into their backyard Wednesday morning.

Charles Gronadines, a 21-year-old student at the University of South Carolina, said his roommate saw the plane flying directly toward his Columbia home in dense fog before witnessing a terrible maneuver.

“He’s coming straight at us and then he turns a second time and his wing snatches the roof of the house off the road from us and then he tries to walk out into our back yard,” continued Gronadinus.

“We hear this big rumble,” he said. “There was no explosion initially, and my roommate who was actually outside runs inside and said, ‘A plane crashed into our back yard!”

“We didn’t know what to do,” Gronadine said. Since he had not seen any fire, he decided to go out and help.

“And then it exploded,” Gronadine said. “If that second explosion had happened a little later it could have been really bad.”

The student, four of whom live together, believes she flew to her house south of the Publix grocery store on Rosewood Avenue to avoid crashing.

“I’m sure that man has passed, but if he didn’t intend to impress anyone else, he did a great job.” “It is certainly sad what happened, but we are definitely counting our blessings.”

Columbia Fire Department Tweeted photos A comprehensive reaction operation around the limbic organs below.

The coroner’s department is involved, but the fire department did not comment on the occupants of the aircraft.

The department said, “A house caught fire in the crash.” Tweeted. “The housemate suffered minor injuries in the accident. Now the fire has started.”

Shelby Beckler, also a USC student who lives nearby, said such small aircraft are common at Columbia’s Jim Hamilton – LB Owens Airport.

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