Rakhi Sawant’s mother soon sent her son-in-law Ritesh to India and accepted Rakhi as his wife

While Rakhi Sawant is not new to controversies, the biggest thing is that she was probably married to an NRI businessman named Ritesh. While Rakhi swears that she is in fact married to Riteish and just that she does not want any part of the world of glitz and glam. Although his wife has entered Bigg Boss 14’s house, she is supportive of his every move. Rakhi Sawant of Bigg Boss 14 asked husband Ritesh to reveal her identity, adding that before they agreed to have children.

Supporting her son-in-law, Rakhi’s mother comes to her rescue and reveals all that she is doing for him. She also tells how she is taking care of him and how she wants to come to India, but there is no flight. Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh in conversation with Makers to enter reality show! Will he prove his presence in the end?

“Rakhi’s husband Ritesh is taking care of me and all the medical bills and everything. He is there for us. He is working hard to come to India and I have asked him to come forward and reveal his identity. He has given me Assured that he will come in front of the audience and accept Rakhi as his wife. He is a very nice person and I just want him to be together and happy in his married life, “Rakhi’s mother Told Atimes TV.

She kept saying, “I want Rakhi to work and Riteish wants to work too. Ritesh was not ready to talk about his marriage with Rakhi at that time.

This was Ritesh’s helplessness and he did not want to talk about their marriage at that time. Now, he is ready to come out in the open and talk about his marriage. He would definitely come to Bigg Boss and accept her as his wife. They have promised me. “Wow !!! !!! We have seen Rakhi crying for her husband in Bigg Boss and we really hope, for her sake, that Ritesh will be on the show soon!”

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