Pet cat feared dead in 2018, California found alive in California

Santa Barbara, California. – A domesticated cat is believed to have been killed along with its owner in a giant corpse that has been found three years later.

The Animal Shelter Assistance Program in Santa Barbara County says Calico, named Patch, was brought as a stray last month and a microchip scan revealed his identity.

The patches had been missing since January 9, 2018, when a rainstorm on the giant burnt trail of the Thomas Fire sent a debris-filled crash down through the mountainous areas of Montecito northwest of Los Angeles.

The patches, which had been missing since January 9, 2018, rest on 11, 2021 at the Animal Shelter Assistance Program in Santa Barbara, California.Jillian Title / Animal Shelter Support Program via AP

Twenty-three people were killed, including cat owner Josie Gover. The devastation of the debris flow was so terrible that the bodies of the two victims were never found.

The ASAP shelter says the patch was found less than a quarter mile from where his Montekito home stood.

He reunited with Gover’s partner Norm Borgelto on New Year’s Eve.

“Although we have no idea what she’s been doing with her life for the past three years, we can see that both Patch and Norm are thrilled again,” Shelter said in a Facebook post.

A livestream ceremony to remember 23 victims was held last week in what is known as the “1/9 wreck flow”.

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