Parler’s CEO says social media app, favored by Trump supporters, can’t come back

The social media platform Parlar, which has been blinded after being cut by major service providers that accused police of failing violent content, may never get back online, its CEO John Mattez said.

A procession of trade vendors severed ties with the two-year-old site following the storming of the US Capitol last week, in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Mattez said he did not know when or if it would return.

“It can never happen,” he said. “We don’t know yet.”

The app said it had more than 12 million users in a legal filing.

Mattez said Parler was talking to more than one cloud computing service but declined to disclose names, citing the possibility of harassment for the companies involved. He said that the best thing would be if Parler could get back on the Amazon. Parler filed a lawsuit against the company on Monday, stating that Amazon had no qualifications.

Amazon cut a stage parlor in favor of US President Donald Trump’s supporters, who shut down their servers this weekend to effectively thwart violent content. Apple Inc and Google of Alphabet Inc also kicked Parler off their App Store.

“It’s hard to keep track of how many people are telling us that we can’t do business with them anymore,” he said.

Matz said the company was considering suing other vendors, but declined to say more.

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