Master review: 5 defects that prevent Thalapati from winning Vijay-Vijay Sethupathi’s film ‘Masterful’! (Latest special)

#MasterBlockbuster or #MasterDisaster? Respected teacherThe new Pongal release of 2021 is receiving wildly mixed reactions from fans on social media. COVID-19 Lokesh Kanagaraj’s directorial debut in theaters, grappling with complications and theater occupancy disputes. Coming straight after the critical and commercial success of Kathy, Along with Thanapati was expected to give Kanraj a special entertainment. What we got was a film that might please superstar fans, but the special expectation we had from the filmmaker is nowhere to be found. Master Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi take their sweet time to appear in Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tyrasome Entertainer.

I am not even sure if Thalapathy fans would be completely happy Respected teacher. Sure, the superstar is in the form of an awesome, and has enough mass scenes, stunts and dialogue. But he is easily saved by Vijay Sethupathi, who plays the main antagonist. As a gangster Bhavani, Sethupathi often gets the best lines and stands out her every look in the film with her amazing performance. Apart from Sethupathi’s stealing action and Thalapati’s collective moments (Anirudh’s brilliant score), Respected teacher Tap through and through as it reaches its long climax.

While we have already included our thoughts in our detailed review, let’s have a look at seven faults Respected teacher Just about average entertainment.

Meandering plot

Thalapathy Vijay in Master

whereas Respected teacher While there is yet another social cause – abuse in teenage homes – at its heart, a favorite trope with superstar films, it does not focus on that at all. At least in the first half, where the film is set in a normal college and wastes enough time of our patience to build based on our character’s popularity. Which leads us to …

Overlong and overblown

Thalapathy Vijay in Master

Respected teacher About three hours long, but not enough substance to keep our patience. After the first 15 minutes, who do a good job of explaining the villain’s backstory, Respected teacher Then spends the next 20 minutes more only to build the charisma and popularity of the lead actor. It takes them about an hour to get to the mainstay, and then 20 minutes more to have their first conversation with the villain. We thought the second half would be better, alas, it’s more. In the time of COVID-19, it seems a bit irresponsible to release films with such a long duration and keep fans in theaters when there were plenty of editing opportunities.

Purely catering to Thalapathy’s image

Thalapathy Vijay in Master

Supporters of Respected teacher Can say that Kanagaraj has tried to present Thalapati Vijay in a different way, and I agree with him. For about 10%. Some of his trademark methods are presented with tweak. As his stylish walk is shown because the Jedi is always drunk, and that’s why he wears shades too, so that it doesn’t look like he’s always hungry. Jedi is also presented as a flawed protagonist, who acts inadequately with his spontaneity, just like his alcoholics. But I also think that these twists are just distracted by the fact that this is just another Vijay entertainer, which suits his superstar image. The action scene sees little stakes for her, and she is shown changing people’s thoughts with just one speech. Furthermore, once again, Vijay indicated in his political aspirations Respected teacher. Come on, Sir, it is time for you to announce that you are entering politics! Just hope you don’t take a U-turn as Thalaivaa! Master: Fans Overcrowd Cinema Hall for Thalapathy Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi Movie COVID-19 Despite Pandikik.

Need more Vijay-Vijay combo scenes

Vijay Sethupathi and Thalapathi Vijay in Master

The most exciting factor about Respected teacher To watch Vijay with Vijay, the two much talked about superstars hit each other with a pinch. But in the 178-minute runtime of the film, we have only four scenes of this combo, of which in two scenes they only interact over the phone. The first time they come across each other is when JD fails to recognize Bhavani, but it’s actually a charm, but Respected teacher More such scenes were needed. Instead, we Batman v superman A little disappointment, don’t we?

Ruined assistant cast

Malvika Mohanan and Thalapathy Vijay in Master

One great thing about Kathy is how well it uses its supporting cast. In Respected teacher, This is the other way. With most of the screentime devoted to Thalapathy Vijay, and then some Vijay Sethupathi, the rest of the players have hardly any scope. Malavika Mohanan is just a PYT that we regularly see in a Thalapathy film. Shantanu Bhagyaraj and Andrea Jeremiah are completely devastated. Arjun Das made some impressions as the villain’s minister, but his character is poorly written. Nasir has just one cameo.

Action scene in climax

Thalapathy Vijay in Master

Some action scenes Respected teacher Filmed well, but I was very disappointed with what I saw in the big finale. Jedi Turning Hawkeye is poorly done in a peculiar chase sequence, not helped by the clear green-screen, dodgy stunts and Andrea’s unnecessary presence. Vijay’s sequence of battles between the two is interesting, with each actor leading the scene. The film then throws up an unnecessary, distracting idea that Thalapathi has to go the Salman Khan route, that is, to go ‘shirtless’, without the need to drag that scene the way Khan does.

The Brilliance We Saw in Saddlery

Kathy karthi

more than Respected teacher Being a Thalapathi-Vijay-Vijay Sethupathi combo film, I was more excited because it was made by someone who was also embarrassed Kathy. Kathy, In my opinion, is one of the best thrillers done in the last five years, which is both smart, arresting and massaging. I share the same opinion about the director’s debut film, Maganagaram. Respected teacherOn the other hand, the Thalapathy film does not really feel much more than a Kanaraja film, and that we have already seen in plenty. like, Respected teacher Suffers from the same syndrome as Patta or Masu, Talented filmmakers working with superstars and then making inferior films.

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