Master Quick Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay in a role, but Vijay Sethupathi makes a better impression in a broken but enjoyable first half

Hence Respected teacher Here it is The much-awaited entertainer with the lead role of Thalipati Vijay finally reaches theaters amid controversy. Directed by Lokesh Kanagraj who made an impressive Cathy, Master There is a film that looks right in the street of Thalapathy’s normal mass films, which also has some minor changes. At least that’s what the first half is Respected teacher Nice to me till now, Respected teacher Does not feel in the same league as Kathy But Thalapathy fans will have enough to enjoy in the film, especially how her character is. Master: Thalapathy Vijay’s film did the perfect Pongal treat! See FDFS and share reviews on fan Twitter.

The latest changes include the antagonist played by Vijay Sethupathi. One of the major flaws that I usually see in Thalapathy films is the lack of a reliable enemy for him. But Sethupathi easily has an attraction for Bhavani. Respected teacher, The actor recalls his negative and negative role. The film also begins with giving him a good backstory, while not a single is presented to the protagonist, no one really knows why he is constantly an alcoholic, everyone’s favorite Respected teacher. Master Movie: Review, Cast, Plot, Music, Box Office – Thalapathy Vijay, Malavika Mohanan, Vijay Sethupathi’s film you all know!

As Thalapathy, he is here in great form, doing a fantastic job in action, comic and punch scenes. Their collective moments are twisted here, though their fans won’t have much to complain about. What doesn’t work, the scenes we see in them, are regular scenes created around the actor, who play the character rather than the other way around. It also doesn’t help that the first half feels too stretchy, especially the parts around St. Jeffrey College. Thalapati’s Vathy comes to teach a juvenile correctional center, where she gets a shocking reality check. Anirudh’s BG score is very large. Master: 5 Times Vijay Sethupathi experimented with gray shades in the past (latest exclusive), before clashing with Thalapathy Vijay.

This can only be towards the gap point we see of a king negotiating between Vijay and Vijay. With more confrontational scenes between these two superstars in the second half, Asha is Respected teacher He achieves the high we expect from the man who gave us one of the best thrillers in recent times. Stay tuned for a full review of this place Respected teacher.

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