Master Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi take their sweetest time to appear in Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Tiresome Entertainer (latest special)

Master Movie Review: Latest of lokesh kanraj, Respected teacher, Is an unusual film. It gives a nice backstory to the villain played by Vijay Sethupathi, even dedicating the first fifteen minutes of the film to him. What’s more, Sethupathi’s Bhavani is also depicted as a religious figure in a secular way, wearing amulets of three different religions, ’cause he claims, he is not sure that God will help him Can come. On the other hand, the Jedi of the hero, Thalapati Vijay, is a frequent alcoholic. He does not come with a backstory, which is explained through a throwaway line anyway and often works irresponsibly. in that way, Respected teacher One is definitely an unusual film for its genre. Master: Thalapathy Vijay’s film did the perfect Pongal treat! See FDFS and share reviews on fan Twitter.

It’s not good being unusual, but let’s talk a little bit about it. JD is therefore a ‘Master’ at St. Jeffrey College, where he teaches M.Phil courses and is also the Dean of Student Affairs. He is a favorite of most students who blindly consider him, even disregarding the fact that he comes to college with a massive hangover. Can’t help but draw similarities to Vijay’s reel personality in the film to its true effect, where his fans are thrilling theaters, even disregarding the COVID-19 protocol , While whatever flawed products they are. The similarities do not end there, however.

When a student election is conducted under his supervision, the ruckus arises, JD has to take a break of three months to teach in college. His beneficiary (Nasir) sends him to become a ‘master’ at a government reform center in Nagercoil, a juvenile reform center. However, the place is ruled by an iron-forged bhawani, who uses sacrificial goats to hide their criminal activities while supplying drugs to children from outside. JD improves his ways, and then improves his wards by dealing with Bhavani. Respected teacher Is about

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Seeing it Respected teacher, I can’t help but think Patta. Respected teacher And Patta There are some similarities, including artists like Sethupathi and Malavika Mohanan. At least in terms of using these two actors, Respected teacher Better than rent Patta. While Sethupathi was also the villain in the film starring Rajinikanth, she had more room to shine Respected teacher, And these are scenes involving this incredible actor, which make for more engaging parts of the film thanks to his irreplaceable dialogue delivery. He proves to be a more reliable foil for Thalapathy’s protagonist than other antagonists in Vijay’s recent films. Although following a nuanced backstory, he is charged with being a typical villain and is almost lost in the hero-worship of the film.

Malavika Mohanan had a small role Patta, Where she played the mother of a teenager! In here Respected teacher, He plays his age and has a romantic angle with the protagonist, playing his co-worker with Vivek. While I see that as a correction, his character doesn’t get much, to give the hero a reality check, to wink eyelids at him and then to protect him from the villains. You know, typical Thalapathy heroine stuff. Master: 5 Times Vijay Sethupathi experimented with gray shades in the past, before struggling with Thalapathy Vijay.

Beyond the actors, what’s one more in between Patta And Respected teacher Both suffer from the same syndrome – talented directors blinded by their leading star’s superstar Karisma and making an inferior film. If Karthik Subbaraj ended up making an attractive but forgotten Thalaivaa film, it was disappointing to see Lokesh Kanagaraj as well for the superstar flick trope and creating a product that is only Thaliathi’s appeal to the soft-fans.

His first film Kathy One of the best adventures I had seen over the years. While telling a fascinating story, he did not refrain from adding collective moments to the narrative. Remember that iconic sequence where Karthi had Biriyani with a large container lid? Or when he takes down villains using a Gatling gun in an explosive climax? Sadly, Respected teacher Comes nowhere in its league.

It is not that Lokesh is out of here. The way he has shown some refreshing scenes along with some of Thalapathy’s scenes are entertaining to watch. It also helps that Vijay, even when stuck in one of his normal roles, takes on a scary form here. From his drunken stupor to using his complex of popular films to narrate his ‘backstory’, Thalapathy is seen having fun with the role. He even scores in emotional scenes, though he struggles a bit when it comes to crying (director JD shows some smartness by claiming he can’t cry). Even the shades she wears are meant to hide her hangover rather than being a style statement. Anirudh’s master score appeals extensively, even in the simplest scenes.

At one point, JD tries to recreate Thalapathy’s trademark throwing-gum-in-the-mouth fetus, for which his colleague Vanita (Andrea Jeremiah) tells him not to gimmick. Unfortunately, the rest of the film feels more of a gimmick to play with his superstar image, with BG scores also remembering him as ‘Thalapati’. If this is not enough, we have scenes that triumph over the importance of politics (though the censor board mutes the dialogue criticizing the government), Respected teacher Another film that indicates the future political aspirations of its major superstars.

While Kanagaraj’s instruction gives at least Respected teacher A polished treatment, it is the writer who disappoints. With editing. It takes about 20 minutes to create a buildup for your lead star, and it takes Respected teacher Even to reach the hiatus point of his first dialogue scene between the villain and the hero. It does not even have a direct confrontation.

Second half, that gets into Double handed The sector seems more soulful than in the first half, but continues to expand. As we wait, the proceedings annoy more people than Vijay and lecture others. Respected teacher Finally bringing Vijay’s onscreen together. Until this happens, we would run patiently. On a three-hour runway, Respected teacher There is no doubt, and in the time of COVID-19, it seems a bit irresponsible, considering the film provides no substance.

In the supporting cast, Shantanu Bhagyaraj and Andrea have no scope. Arun Das, who was influential Kathy And last year Blind, Making his presence felt as a slave with his deep baritone, is Bhavani’s main mantra at the reform center. The kid who plays the young underachiever is another paranormal actor. The action scenes are decent (the bow-fight sequence in the pre-climax is silly), but the cinematography of Sathiyan Sorian is impressive.


– Thalapathy Vijay in His Usual Elements

– Villain role of Vijay Sethupathi


– Over-stretched, forested fair

– Defective writing

final thoughts

In one scene, Thalapathy tells an inmate of Vijay’s Jedi Jail that he has millions of people outside, who like him, which is not a wink-wink reference to his terrible fan following. All I want is for him to be a part of the films that fans love that live that way. Respected teacher, Unfortunately, it is not that where there is more than a star, it is the director who has disappointed me. The clock Respected teacher At your own health risk, literally!

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