Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show generates the lowest audience rating to date


American comedian Jimmy Fallon received the lowest rating on Monday’s show The Tonight Show. According to Fox News, the 46-year-old comedian averaged the smallest television audience ever for an original episode of the late-night show – according to an initial Nelson rating – in 947,000 total viewers on Monday night (local time). According to Nielsen’s Live and Same Day Fast-National Numbers, one of rap’s competitive shows, Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’, took the cake on Monday evening at CBS, the same-day Fast-National reported by The Wrap Was according to the numbers. John Cena tells BTS on The Jimmy Fallon Show, ‘The message they send to the world is special’

Coming in second place was ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, As reported by Fox News. With a total audience of 1.67 million. According to the outlet, the final number is expected on Wednesday. With Falon’s performance on Monday, the ratings unset the previous low for an original ‘Tonight Show’ episode that recently arrived until September 25, 2020 – the night Falon garnered 992,000 total viewers when his show Stanley finals game delayed. As reported by Fox News, Fallon’s guest list on Monday was not short on big names, either. Jimmy Fallon issued an apology for appearing as Blackface for Chris Rock’s appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2000

He welcomed Funman Bill Bure, Rashida Jones and Old Dominion as the musical guests of the evening. Meanwhile, Colbert interviewed Chris Rock on Monday night, welcoming Joss Stone as the show’s musical cast.

If late night fans had turned Kimmel off on ABC, he would have seen ‘This Is Us’ star Milo Ventimiglia and Jake Tapper with Queen Naiya as musical guests.


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