‘JD Baba’ Zayn Malik does not remember the heartiest wishes of Gigi Hadid’s birthday. (See post)

Supermodel Gigi Hadid wished ‘Zaddi’ Zayn Malik a happy birthday on Tuesday (local time) and gave a heartfelt note to mark the occasion. The 25-year-old model Hadid took to Instagram and gave a rare look to Malik and their relationship and life as new parents for their daughter. The post featured two photographs, including a never-before-seen photo of her and Malik, along with her portrayal of her baby girl. Hadid wrote with the post, “Team no sleep! Happy birthday to our Zaidi Baba. So special.” Zayn Malik fan, hear us out! You can call Singer now as he leaves his phone number on Twitter

“Love you for a long time, thank you for making me a mother for the best girl. You want the best every single day,” she said. As of late, Victoria’s Secret model has been sharing pictures and videos of her movements. Earlier, Hadid, who welcomed her first child, celebrated a holiday in September with a daughter, an adorable family shots with boyfriend Malik. It is Zayn Malik’s birthday! Fans shared photos of the singer and wished him the best on Twitter.

Gigi Hadid’s lovely birthday post for Zaini Malik:

As reported by People magazine, early last month, Hadid told her followers that she had returned to work for the first time since giving birth.

In a video shared on her Instagram Stories, the new mother is shown filming herself while sitting on a black leather couch. Hadid wrote, “2 will say Kama back but a maternal uncle is a work like no other work.” “Back at the office,” she added in the caption.

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