Casanova: Tiger Shroff’s second single and it reminds us of Hrithik Roshan in the Bang Bang title track (see video)


Tiger Shroff is not a man who just cuts his time during lockdown. The actor respected his singing skills and has already impressed everyone beyond belief sound. Today, he released a video of his second single Casanova. Although her singing is as clean as the first one, we can’t shake the treatment given to the track in terms of visuals. It immediately reminded us of Hrithik Roshan’s smooth moves in the title track of the 2015 film bang Bang! ‘Have Kick Year, Guru ji’: Tiger Shroff wishes Hrithik Roshan a happy birthday

Tiger can soon show off his impeccable dancing skills Casanova Dressed in black which gives ample visual to her chisel abs. Thinking that we saw it somewhere. A bit of digging took us under a similar guise of Hrithik bang Bang Track. But first, check out Tiger Shroff as one Casanova

Now it’s Hrithik’s step. Scroll down to 3.28 to find out what we are indicating.

Now, this may be a tribute to Tiger Hrithik. He has always looked up to the actor. Siddharth Anand also made a film with devotion towards Hrithik and called him War. Therefore it is not possible or unacceptable for us to realize such similarities.

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