Capitol Police official told Congress that he did not see any FBI intelligence before the January 6 siege

The acting assistant chief of the Capitol Police told Congress on Tuesday that he did not know of any intelligence from the FBI before January 6, raising questions about an assertion by a top FBI official that before the local police Information of the threat was shared with the local police. Capital Riot.

The head of the FBI’s Washington DC field office, Steven D’Antunono, said Tuesday that the FBI had shared some information about threats of violence with local police before the Capitol’s Jan. 6 storm, including the FBI’s Norfolk Field Office A report is also included. He was threatening extremist “war”.

According to The Washington Post, people mentioned a map of the tunnels in the Capitol complex and a coordinated visit to Washington, which first reported on the FBI document.

But a reading of a closed-door briefing of Republican House members on Tuesday was obtained by NBC News, in which US Capitol Police Assistant Chief Sean Gallagher said he saw no such information.

“In response to a question, Assistant Chief Gallagher also informed the members that they did not have intelligence from the FBI before January 6,” the document says.

Separately, Steven Sundar, who resigned as Capitol Police Chief, told the Washington Post on Tuesday that he was neither ever exposed to Norfolk Field Office intelligence, nor did he and others take seriously the warning Was taken from and shared.

“I did not have that information nor did our security plan take that information into account,” Sundar said.

The FBI’s Washington Field Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Nor did a spokesperson for the Capitol Police.

The remarks made by current and former senior members of the Capitol Police are one of the worst incidents of political extremist violence in the history of the US government, before what intelligence was at various levels of government and what was shared Underlines the lack of clarity in.

NBC News reported on Sunday that according to law enforcement sources gave information on the case, the FBI and NYPD shared some threat information with the Capitol Police in the days before the riot.

But NBC News also reported on Tuesday that the FBI has not released a comprehensive intelligence bulletin that its intelligence analysts have shared on social media about extremist postings threatening violence. This did not happen because some FBI officials were concerned that the Intelligence First Amendment was based on protected political speech — there is not everyone within the FBI who agrees, sources said, who are familiar with the case.

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