Bigg Boss 14: 5 reasons why we think Jasmin Bhasin wishes to return to Salman Khan’s reality show!

Jasmine Bhasin’s exit from Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 14 Came as a shock to many. On Sunday (January 10) Weekend bridesmaidThe final call was between Abhinav Shukla-Jasmine, and finally, the host later asked him to come out of the house due to low votes. News of Jasmine’s eviction spread on Twitter, as fans were not sure what happened. To be fair, when we were about to say goodbye to Jasmine, we still got cocky Bb 14. Given that she was a strong player, her departure was not expected anytime soon. It still looks like she will bounce back and re-enter the show. And so, here we have brought to you five strong reasons that resonate Heart to heart The actress deserves a second chance. Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine Bhasin revealed that she could not be friends with Rubina Dilaik, calling Latter’s emotional breakdown a ‘performance’.


Jasmine saw many moods in the reality show, but the best thing about her was that she used to say ‘hoe, hoe’. He never lacks words BB And always used to say his words (right or wrong) loudly and clearly. A quality that is rare!

Jasmine Bhasin (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

TRP Brainstorm

From day one, Jasmine took headlines. All this to do the laundry by himself, to speak against his best friend Rubina Dilac, to amusing fans with her endearing antics, she was definitely fun to watch.


On jasmine Big Boss Always looked fabulous. Wearing on Salwar suit, Dresses, gowns Sari for some time, the taste of her style was crisp, clean and edgy. All in all, who doesn’t like ogle over a celeb with a fab fashion sense.

Jasmin Bhasin (Photo courtesy: Twitter)


There have been many such incidents in the show when the actress went wrong, but if you notice, she never made her agreement. If Jasmine trusted someone, she would stay with the person until the end. Eli Goni, Abhinav Shukla, know it all, right?


Who knew we would see a love story on national TV this year? Aly and Jasmine madness to each other Bb 14 Became the talk of the town and eventually the cat came out of the bag. But sadly, when their love The bus was blooming, Jasmine was evicted. bring him back!

This is it, friends! These are some of the reasons that confirm that Jasmine should not have been eliminated. Following his removal, #JasminBhasinDeservesComeback was among the top trends on Twitter. Let’s see and wait. stay tuned!

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