Zayn Malik fan, hear us out! You can call Singer now as he leaves his phone number on Twitter

Zayan Malik is celebrating his 28th birthday today and he gave a big surprise to his fans on this special occasion. The singer dropped her phone number on Twitter without saying anything about it. His fans were mad at the phone number and wondered if the number was actually Zain’s personal number. This is not the first time a celebrity has dropped their phone number to talk to fans and fans of the zine were curious to know if it was a way for them to finally talk to them. It is Zayn Malik’s birthday! Fans shared pictures of the singer and extended their heartiest wishes on Twitter.

Zayen’s tweet went viral shortly after and fans commented on her post asking if it was real. Gigi Hadid left a comment talking about the extension which her fans could also use to call her. Users naturally tried to call the number only to find out that Zayn was actually talking to them, but only to promote their new album. It was a simple way to promote their upcoming music album No one is listening.

Let us tell you what happens when a person dials the number. When the call is picked up, Zayn’s voice is heard acknowledging the caller. The voice says, “Yo, this is Zen here. The album is dropping on January 15. Press any of the nine numbers to meet me. Press it now. “Once the caller presses the number, they get a sneak peek at their upcoming album No one is listening. Fans can’t believe Zayn Malik wrote about Baby Birth Announcement or Z3 instead of a Harry Potter game after 17 days.

Not only this, the caller also gets a message that says, “Yun, Zen!” Tx for hitting my line. Give me your dates so that we can keep in touch. Two links are also linked in the message. The first link is to pre-order the album while the second is to save its number. No one is listening To be released on January 15. Zayn previously released his songs Vibez From the album. The album has a total of 11 songs.

Zayn Malik releases his new song Vibez Two years later he released his last album Icarus Falls. The new song marks the second song from their third studio album No one is listening And there is also a follow up to his single Better. Malik had earlier welcomed his first child in September 2020 along with his supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

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